how much will it cost for you to take us from montego bay airport to sunset jamaica grande in ochos rios?

please let me know at june 23rd 8pm arrival in montego bay, departure is june 28th 8am ... Thanks!


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


one hundred dollers
Is this really the best answer chosen by localytes. The information is wrong and therefore misleading whether it be Jamaican or foreign currency. Its normall between 20-25 US$
You are so right Evans you frighten me whichevercurrency you were hoping for!
Its generally 22-25US one way on the shuttle and 45 US for a round trip
60 us per person to and fro
thanks i would be happy to state a price however i would love to know how many person will be travelling, the time is ok for both ways to and from the airport however i would love to know how many person so i can give you a price.
hundred bucks both ways is steep get from the airport via hsuttle bus see if sunset jamaica grande has one and before you leave talk to hotel staff about local taxi that should give you a cheaper rate. hope my note is not too late
My service will do it for 100usd
Andrew Forbes the tourists might be richer than us but not that rich! Please don't do that we will lose our industry just because of persons like you! You coming from Black River that's why you charge him so much!
It would be advisable that you take a flight to mobay and get a small plane to boscobel aerodrome to save you a lot of money!

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