I would like to start baking and decorating classes, what kind of qualification should I have. I am a homemaker


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You need to have a certificate in catering and hotel management
My suggestion would be that your basic qualification should be at least O level or form 4 so that you can follow up in your class work.Also at the same note I would suggest that you contact Top Chef Culinary school who will guide you in the right way since they have professional courses available.
Do you want to go to school for these or teach classes? To teach a class,you don't really need to have school experience,just be fluent in the language you are teaching in as well as what you are teaching.
From my understanding, you want to educate people on baking and decorating? If that is the case, do you want to look for a job at an instittution that teaches this or do you want to start you own school that teaches this?

If you want to teach at an institution, you would need some sort of qualification in pastry making or hospitality.

If you want to start your own business that teaches this, and you already have experience in this coming from your home-making background, you could do it without a qualification. Pass on the knowledge you have gotten through experience. You could also form the business and hire qualified people that could teach at your school. It all depends on the route you wanna take.

Good luck :)
I would recommend getting a college diploma in order of you to get the required permits from the local government.
As per my understanding, you wish to start an institution of learning where by you ought to teach pastry & Designs(Decorative). It would have of much importance if you had given us your current qualification in order to base what you need to add or to advice the way forward. This will make it easier for us to go straight to the point instead of trying to figure out haves & have nots. Everything is possible provided you are ambitious and you have the gut to do it.
You should have at least certificate in art and design architecture or higher
you need to be a certified baker and caterer before you get a licence to start your school,yuo will also need to pay the cith councill fees so that your business is legite.
If its a small establishment that you would want to start at your home i don't think you will need allot of qualifications, just be fluent in English advertise is major malls eg: village market,westgate, sarit centre notice boards that you would want to start a small baking and decorating class for other homemaker's and am sure you will get responses.All the best :-)
You already have the important qualification since you can bake,but you need to get yourself a certificate in catering if its a school you are planning to open plus some legal documents allowing you to do that, i would also advice you to buy video and books on the same,you can get it at textbook center to improve your skills
You need a qualification in Hotel management and catering. It can be best if you visit the website of Utalii College Kenya.Just google it and you will find the required information
All you need is passion in what you intend to do,communicable language to get your ideas across to your students,you will also need a authenticated medical letter from from the ministry of health since you will be handling food,plus registration of your college with some vocational training department in the education ministry.definately you require capital and it could vary depending with the social class of your students and the location of your pastry school.quite a long list wen u get to the nitty grittis but it all requires one thing----passion
We offer City and Guilds or KNEC syllabus, these along with the practical classes we offer will be more than sufficient to give you the necessary skills for bakery and decoration classes. If you are not keen to sit for any formal exams which may require you to have a mean KCSE grade of D+, what we will demand of you is your interest and availability.

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