Hello! im planning a trip in Czech Republic in June and I want to know what places are must see and places most often overlook by...

...tourist. I would want to experience the local culture and what locals usually do and where they go. thanks. ~ruby


Country: Czech Republic


definately visit capital - Prague, there so many historical monuments. And, when you will have time go to Kutna Hora.
old time square a must,,the castle,,mala strana,,Karl's bridge,, dont forget some shopping
good restaurants:Kogo,ambiente,sushi yami, for some nice local food go to potrefena husa !!!!

nighting out Dance bar bombey...
I would also suggest Plzeň. Some parts can be a little rough around the edges, but it may give you a different outlook as far as cities go?
Hi, I would tell you Prague is the best place where you can see a lot of historic monuments and so on. then south Moravia is also very important, there are nice castles, or Telč.

I hope you will choose the best, If you have more questions, you can ask me :-)

Prague - old town square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge and the castle - these are all popular attractions

But why not try a few alternatives; Kampa Park, Vysnehrad, the Lennon Wall, The Zizkov Tower, The Pink Tanka (Kinskeho Namesti) and a walk to the top of Letna (by the metronome) for a fantastic view across the city and river.

Outside of Prague - Pruhonice, Konopiste, Karlstejn, the bone church at Kutna Hora and Terezin (the Nazi transit camp of Thereisenstadt was based here)

Plenty to do and see, and something for all ages and interests
apart from the stuff here sugested I would recommend also castles Karlštejn and Konopiště.
Hi, I would recommend to visit Cesky Krumlov, which is one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Rep. And also Pisek with the oldest bridge in the Republic. If you're not interested only in hisorical sites, you should definitely visit National park Sumava.
hello ... you must visit our capital Prague and after you can visit Ostrava City, its a ideal combination, because in Prague there are famost historical places and Ostrava is very interesing for technical heritage, there are historical blust furnaces - on the list of European cultural heritage. You can visit Ostravas club zone (the biggest in Central Europe), museums, galeries and great architecture. From Ostrava you can make a trip to Auschwitz or Cracovia (Poland). Around Ostrava there are nice mountains (Beskydy - the largest moutain area in CZ)... from Prague to Ostrava 3 hour by train ..
Hallo, I think that Prague or Cesky Krumlov are one of the most historical a beautiful cities in Czech Republic. But I would like to offer you visit my village. It is in North Moravia and I think here is a lot of thinks to do. You can watch my profile and see what can I offer here. If you have some questions write me and I write you all information. I will help you with your visit here. Greetings Petra
Hi Ruby,
your best bet would probably be to plan your time here this way.Spend some time in Prague as there is a lot of "tourist" attractions but unfortunatelly most of cultural events happenning there.Speak to locals and don´t worry to lose yourself in side streets where most of tourists wouldn´t go.For nature and hiking around beautifull woods and hills go up north to "Czech Switzerland" or "Jizerske hory" areas.There is a lot of things to see in Czech Republic but you must specify lot more what you want to see.Read some websites or printed guides to get rough idea about tourist attractions and write some more what you expect, how much time and how much money you want to spend.I will be happy to help with planning.
What Jan Drozda said. It all depends on how long you will be in the country and what sort of thing you like.
Let me add Brno and Olomouc for cities if you do travel to Moravia and Cesky Raj () as a nature representative to name a few others.
good local experience the to go to restaurant/cabaret U FLEKU,,,,,
jewish quarter a must !!!!
come to pruge buy a smakk guide book and follow it !!!

some very good jazz clubs as well
Of course you have to visit Prague, but Česky Krumlov is another beautiful city. If you have time go there.
you may also check out or and if lucky you get locals to show you around or allowing you to take part in some of their activities...
Thank you to all!!!.. i've finally got the approval of my vacation leave and is now planning my itinerary..

thank you.
Prague Castle( st. Vitus cathedral+ Golden Lane), Charles bridge, Jewish museum of Prague ( the cemetary+old new synagogue+spanish synagogue mus sees) then Lesser Town and Hradacany and the Old Town square
besides raiding tourist attractions (of which there are many in prague) - try getting lost in the small streets of the old town.

i wouldn't suggest wasting time on visiting the jewish cemetary and synagogue downtown, or the museum, for that matter.

instead, go to the jewish cemetary at the Olsanske Hrbitovy. in fact, one of the cemetaries is an old czech cemetary which makes for a beautiful walk and awesome pictures. no tourists ever go there. it's open every day till the evening. entrance is close to Flora metro/tram stop. explore the left half and go deeper into this part of the cemetary for the oldest most picturesque tombs.

the jewish cemetary and the military cemetary are 1 stop away at Zelivskeho (also green line). check for opening hours though, as this one has them.

if you go to any of the Potrefena Husa restaurants - make sure to try Velvet beer (if you drink beer). it's not exported and is a very particular kind you're unlikely to find elsewhere (it's hard enough to find in prague!).

go up the TV tower for a different view of the ciy, if you feel like it...

and if you'd want to get in touch with nature or have a picknick - visit the beautiful Divoka Sarka natural park at Divoka Sarka tram/bus stop.

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