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I plan to travel to Turkey sometime within the year and I would like to ask people who have actually been there some questons. What's the best time of the year to visit? What places should I go to within Turkey that I shouldn't miss? How many days should i stay there to maximize my trip? How much money should i bring wit me? Is it expensive to go there? Please answer my questions the best way you can. I will give 10 pts to the best answer. Thanks a lot!!!


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Hello ,

Best time all depends on what you are planning to do and where you want to be. Turkey is a big country !
If you want to enjoy sea & sun at a resort 15 June is perfect. Also for sailing, cruisng etc. june is a good month. Again if you come to Cappadocia for example June is not hot at all. I should say if you would travel Aegean and Mediterranean beginning july you will feel the heat.
April; good period for cultural trips ie. Cappadocia, Pamukkale etc. You may expect some rain but to walk around etc. quite relaxed with april weather.

First of all ı must say that, There are four major sections of the city with touristic interest,. (ISTANBUL)
Old Town: Mostly the region around Sultanahmet
Beyoglu, (Pera District)
Prince's Islands (suggested only from June through September)
Istanbul has a rich program of light entertainment. Nightclubs provide splendid entertainment throughout dinner, ranging from a selection of Turkish songs to belly-dancing. Alongside these are modem discos, cabarets, and jazz clubs in the Taksim - Harbiye district. Iin Sultanahmet, there are a number of restaurants in restored Byzantine and Ottoman buildings which offer a unique setting for an evening out. Kumkapi, with its many taverns, bars and fish restaurants, is another attractive district. People have been meeting for years at Cicek Pasaji in the district of Beyoglu for snacks and seafood specialties.. Also in the area near Cicek Pasaji is the narrow Nevizade street, which is the best place in Istanbul for eating Turkish specialties and drinking raki.

On the Bosphorus, Ortakoy is the best place for nightlife in Istanbul, with its nightclubs, jazz clubs, fine seafood restaurants and bars.
At Eminonu don't miss an opportunity to see fishermen dressed in traditional Ottoman clothes and their Ottoman-style boats which you may board to sample their delicious fried fish.
One could visit Istanbul for the shopping alone. The Kapali Carsi, or Covered Bazaar, in the old city is the logical place to start. This labyrinth of streets and passages houses more than 4,000 shops. The names recall the days when each trade had its own quarter: the goldsmiths' street, the carpet sellers' street, the street of the skullcap makers. Still the commercial center of the old city, the bazaar is the original shopping mall with something to suit every taste and pocket.

The Misir Carsisi or Spice Bazaar, next to the Yeni Mosque at Eminonu, transports you to fantasies from the mystical East. The enticing aromas of cinnamon, caraway, saffron, mint, thyme and every other conceivable herb and spice fill the air. Sultanahmet has become another shopping mecca in the old city. The Istanbul Sanatlari Carsisi (Bazaar of Istanbul Arts) in the 18th century Mehmet Efendi Medresesi, and the nearby 16th- century Caferaga Medrese, built by Sinan, offer you the chance to see craftsmen at work and to purchase their wares. In the Arasta (old bazaar) of the Sultanahmet Mosque, a thriving shopping arcade makes both shopping and sightseeing very convenient.
The sophisticated shops of the Taksim - Nisantasi districts contrast with the chaos of the bazaars. On Istiklal Avenue, Cumhuriyet Avenue and Rumeli Avenue, you can browse peacefully in the most fashionable shops selling elegant fashions made from Turkey's high quality textiles. Exquisite jewelry as well as finely designed handbags and shoes can also be found. The Atakoy Galleria Mall in Atakoy and the Akmerkez Mall in Etiler have branches of Istanbul's most elegant shops. In Bakirkoy, the Carousel Mall is worth a visit, as is the Atlas Passage in Beyoglu. Bahariye Avenue, Bagdat Avenue,and Capitol Mall on the Asian side, offer the same shopping opportunities.
In Istanbul's busy flea markets you can find an astonishing assortment of goods, both old and new. Every day offers a new opportunity to poke about the Sahaflar Carsisi and Cinaralti in the Beyazit district. On Sundays, in a flea market between the Sahaflar and the Covered Bazaar, vendors uncover their wares on carts and blankets. The Horhor Carsisi is a collection of shops that sell furniture of varying age and quality. Flea markets are open daily in the Topkapi district, on Cukurcuma Sokak in Cihangir, on Buyuk Hamam Sokak in Uskudar, in the Kadikoy Carsi Duragi area, and between Eminonu and Tahtakale. After a Sunday drive up the Bosphorus, stop between Buyukdere and Sariyer to wander through another lively market.

Have a nice holiday..
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Turkey is a very nice country.Not to much expensive.If you like history and mountain sports you should go to cappadocia and aladag mountains.Aladag is very nice for trekkıng , climbing .Please foollw the link or e-mail me at

Normanlly hotel prizes changes between 15- 25 euros including breakfast and dinner.
food is also cheap.
Hello from Bodrum,
Hulya Yamanoglu told almost everything.
I need to add some other regions.
If you like to visit Black Sea ; you need to go July and August. But Mediterranean and Aegean parts are too crowded and too warm then. I recommend to come to Bodrum at May or September. Those months, I mean spring and autumn also good for any round trip at Anatolia. Do not miss Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Ephessus. They are must for first visit at Turkey. I also recommend to do (if you like) a special trip as St.Paul's way or 7 churches of Anatolia...
my name is Dilaver. I am a professional tour guide.

answer1-good time is from April to November. Best times are two gabs. first May, second between September-November.
answer2-Ephesus, Ottoman Heritage, Urfa-Haran, Cappadocia, Ayder, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Fethiye Boat tour etc.
answer3-those places normally two weeks. maximize!? 40 days.
answer4-14x250$ for two weeks. long period 40x200$.
answer5-no not expensive too much, if you don't need a guide then it will be 14x150$. But with guide you will be a V.I.P.
Dear Friend,
I am living in Izmir that the west city of Turkey. Now my web site is understructure but it is . just in case my cell number is +905423452837. call me if you need more help. But please send email if it is not emergency. "" ---> also it is my facebook email, then you can add me.
Take care. I'll pray for you.
my best regards
Dilaver Öncü
Hi there :9

Turkey is a nice country to visit becouse you have many choices.First you have to deside what you want..a summer vacation? a culturel east tour? a tour around blacksea?you can do camping and rufting there..etc
I live in İstanbul which should be the first city for you to see.then you can go south.If I were you,I would see Istanbul first (you need at least 4 days), then you can go to Çeşme-Izmir(best place for windsurfing in Europe) or you can directly go to Bodrum (one of the best summerplaces in Turkey) looks like a Greek Island with its white little houses.then If you like climbing and rafting, and if you dislike hotels,you can go to Olympos - Antalya.Its a very nice place where outsiders often go. (link of the most popular hostel)
Also in the center of Antalya there are pretty good hotels..
About season..If you dont have hot weather in your country it will be hard for you to stay in south in summer.Bec its over 30 usually and sticky! So I advice you may-june.If you start your trip at the and of may its perfect.
Hope I could help you a bit.If you have more questions to ask dont hesitate
May, June and July are good times to visit and also September and October especially if you do not have children as the fares to Turkey are a little cheaper outside of the school holidays and the end of July and August are extremely hot. There are so many places that are worth a visit and has been mentioned before Turkey is a vast country steeped in history.In this area of the mediterranean there are many ancient sights, here in Dalyan we have the Lycian Rock Tombs and the ancient city of Caunos as well as a beautiful beach, river and lake.
Fethiye is a good place to visit and has many places of interest nearby such as Kaya Koy and Olu Deniz.
Just a little way further on you can visit Saklikent Gorge, Patara with its Ancient City and stunning beach and Kalkan. In each of these areas there are so many daily activities that you can participate in it really depends on your preferences.
My advice to you is to get a map of Turkey and get on the internet to do your research on each area. It's the best way to see the places and areas that interest you and have an enjoyable holiday.
How much money you will need will depend on your length of stay and how much travelling around you want to do. There is a very good coach service all around the country which is the cheapest way to travel and local bus services in every town also quite inexpensive. Car hire in my area is 60 Turkish Lira per day with discount for longer periods of rental.
Hotel rates in this area range from 40 Turkish Lira for bed and breakfast to 60 - 80 Turkish Lira depending on what standard of accomodation you want. There are also more expensive hotels charging 100 Turkish Lira a night.
You can eat good local food cheaply in a Lokanta or spend more in a restaurant again depending on your preference.
I hope this has helped you and good luck

you should prefer summer time come to Turkey for location, in that season aegean and mediterrian sea side of Turkey is very populer for holiday, you can check hotels from that place.. ;)
I think Hulya gives you the best answers on your questions , only thing i would add the way to travell in turkey , most thing can be done by bus drive almost each major places has excellent bus connections , in the city you can go by dolmus (little bus ) what stops at several places at the route and stops for you where ever you want around 1,75 ytl per trip . for a bigger budget you can fly around the country several budget companies offer very good prices between citys. it saves a lot of time.
hope you can use the tips.
greetings tom
the best time to visit Turket and istanbul is april-june & september.
çanakkale ( troy & the war battle fields),
kusadasi,( Ephesus 6 House of Virgin Marry ),
Bodrum,(Halicarnassus Moseleum),
Pamukkale,( white travertines),
Konya,( city of the whirling dervishes),
Capadoccia (underground citys & hidden churhes),
Antalya (side,perge,aspendos),

you will need more less 15 days for such kind of turkey tour which will start from istanbul and finish at antalya ( international airport with cheap fligt possibilities )from where you can fly back to your country.

You can find ATM's everywhere so you don't need to bring cash money with you.For this tour you will need (approx.)
2500 euro which includes domestic flights ,hotel accomodations,museum entrances fees,transportations,lunchs,dinners.
If you like to have a nice beach holiday, I would recommend you our hotel. It is located at the southwest of Turkey. It is possible to combine this with a trip to historical places like Knidos and other if you like
Turkey is a very nice country.Not to much expensive.If you like history and mountain sports you should go to cappadocia and aladag mountains.Aladag is very nice for trekkıng
call me when you come, I can guide you. we can travel together. it will be nice and have some adventure...

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