Hi, am looking for somebody who could take me to Cargados Carajos for 2 weeks. And accomodation. Luc Pilote


City: Grand River South East

District: Flacq

Country: Mauritius


st brandon island is has many ilot (30)ile coco is the one where most of the people live. st brandon has a hospital and meteorogical station. st brandon do not have hotel how ever you can go and visit cargados carajos but for two weeks it would be difficult to find a place to stay,because st brandon do not have any hotel.thank you hope i've been helpful
st brandon is an isolated island which is found at around 300 kms north of Mauriitus. there is no hotel there but it is inhabited mainly by seasonal fishermen. if you like camping then it might be good for you because "officially" there is no accomodation there. there have been people doing researches who have stayed there for quite long but there is no records for tourist going there.
what i can suggest is that you come to Mauritius and hire a boat to go there, but you will need more than 2 weeks holidays.
hope to have helped you
Cargados Carajos is an isolated island far from Mauritius. Unfortunately I don't offer the service to go there. if it is for holiday, i would not advise you to go over there as there are no accommodation. If you really need to go there you should come to Mauritius and try to hire a boat.

I can help you out but need more info such as number of pax and expected date of departure. Accomodation is on the catamaran itself and that`s included in the price aswell as food. You can contact me on or on (230)725.23.66.


hey me as soon as possible.better i think should visit mauritius first then plan to go overthere....i offer bungalow renting facility in mauritus
Hi ,
may I know why this destination!! Otherwise we can easily to other island in mauritius to watch dolphin for instance .
text the clear purpose of your visit. the visit can be arranged through government officials for definite purpose. definitely two weeks will be too short by routine ships. however the Mauritian Police owned plane Dornier or helicopter dhruv can reach the islands.. but the purpose will drive the decisions
Contact Diksh Potter on . We are 3rd in Mauritius :)

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