who can exchange his/her travel /tour experience and life experience with me? Show me around in one/two days. For an exchange, i can...

...accompany you in Shanghai, Xian, Qingdao and Yinchuan if you can choose one of them and the time is available. Thanks. Today i notice the and i have an idea why can't we only change the materical things or appartment and so on, we can also exchagne the travel experience and life experience one by one, right? Now I can accompany you in Shanghai for one day or two day trip for an exchange that i can travel in your local if i can afford and go there in person. In March, 2009, i need this travel exchage in Huang Mt, An Hui, and Lu Mt, Jiang XI. Thanks for your attention and knowledge, Angelia.


Municipality: Shanghai

Country: China


I'm sorry that I'm now in Shanghai and prepare to be a tour guide.But I can give you some advice if you go to Chengdu or qingdao whenever you need.
By the way, I also plan to go to Mt.Huang next month.We may have an exchange of our trip to Mt.Huang ,hehe~
hey there, I'm in jiangxi, nanchang, I've been mt. Lushan many times, so if you come here i guess i can show you around :) i will be very interested going to Xi'an, i just need to figure out the time. i go to work on sundays, other days i am totally available, i think... ^_^
i am in Beijing,working here,if you wanna be here need me show you around,let me know,good luck,
Hi Angelia,

Sounds like an interesting way of exchange of experience.

If you come down south to Shenzhen let me know.

Best regards

Well, Angela, I know you`re interested in biking in Guilin, I can bring you in touch with the right people to go biking here ... let me know.

Refer:informations you need about Huang Mt and Lu Mt:
I've been to the above place for more than 10 times as a tour leader, I could tell you is that these two places are the most worth looking and beautiful in China. The cost of Hotel on the top of Huang Mountain is quite high and my suggestion is try to climb the mountain as early as posssible, and try your best finish your treking tour befor the Cable car stop operating. A full day tour down there is enough, as per my experience, the sightseeing area of the mountain partly forbidden in differnt time to protect the enviorment.
Lu mountain is also a great treking tour place in China, please prepare you energy, I mean you should be very robust to the demand of climbing those countless stairs towards the Foutain scene.
If you need a tour guide, please let me know, I can enquiry my couterpart there offer the best service or the other helps!
Take care!
Thanks for all answers. it's my pleasure that i will travel in so many interesting cities, like qingdao, Chengdu, Guilin, Shenzheng, Beijing and so on. Only your help and your special answer make my happy and i must go there. To come,to touch, to see, to feel.

Angelia plan. i will start my journey on 19th.
and i will go to Huang Race on 21st. See you all around.

Good luck. enjoy the journey.
Ciao Angelia

I'm in shanghai and i can escort you around. let me know
I am working in qingdao and it is a really beautiful seaside city with great fun. I can inroduce the history and cultural as well as famous places in Qingdao for you. If you like seafood, I will give you my suggetions.

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