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hello we will be arriving to cusco at 12 august until 24 of august would like to take part in cooking lessons or all kind of culianry activities please contact with more info


City: Cuzco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


there are few reataurant whom offer cooking lessons, one of them is the Ciciolina, i will be in Cusco by the time, keep in Contact and i can help you with
what is the price of a lesson like this?
i don´t know, but i have a friend who has a cooking school, i will ask him and i will let you know.
Would you like to have the cooking lessons in your hotel room or a restaurant/another location?
If you are interested in having cooking lessons and to know the secrets of peruvian cuisine, we have very good packages of activities related to it but in Lima. Very well prepared and delightfull, if you are interested please send me and email to so i can send you more detailed info. Oh and the prices are budget!!
Shalom,im Ingrid
i know to cook everything also my friend Jose Carlos who studied for be chefff
i took classses too since im little
so we can teach you
my name by fbook is Ingrid pacheco vera you can add me ther eor ill gonna add you
we can teach you in lima in a beauty place-surco
Hi Oran ,how´s going on ?
well i can offer some culinaries tours , check my face

Kesha :)
Hi Oran
I will send you a personal email about your request, It is interesting.
You should contact , they carry different activities related with helping children, and while helping them you could stay at 'la casita de haydee' a cuzqueñan lady´s home that is one of the best bed & breakfast I`ve ever known, and where she can teach you as much about local cuisine as you like.
You could also contact Mrs Irma Muñiz, a local cuzquenian gourmand and writer of cook books, you can find her books at Carnes Coren near Alianza Francesa or just ask for her books around, she is well known and probably the best as to local cuisine.
Many of the modern contemporary cheffs are not acquainted with the tradicional cuisine, and if you want fancy experiments Lima will come better, there is no place in the provinces where you could eat as well as in the capital, by far.

Look at these pages

ok, the best academy is gaston's academy.but theres a lot in lima.for example you can try in columbia institute or telesup.the prices is about 500 soles(200$) per month,
but the gaston's academy prices are more expensives is about 1000soles(400$) per month.
it depends cooking lessin are given in culinary school, the best here are cordon bleu, D´galia, etc.

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