Hello, what are some of the must-see attractions in Buenos Aires in May, 2011? Are there any big festivals during that time?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Hey there Jeffrey ! Well, to start with, it all depends on what type of stuff are you into. For example, if you like music, opera, and things like that, something i would recommend for you is the Colón Theatre, which had been closed for three years because it almost falls appart. It was re opened on May 25 of 2010, and it's a really nice building to see.
If you are a big fan of history and museums, you could visit The Malba (museum), Recoleta's Cementery, The Cabildo and many others.
Regarding to nightlife, there's a place called Plaza Serrano, where you have many many bars, and Palermo hollywood where you have also many nightclubs.
I would also recommend you to visit The Obelisco, 9 De Julio's Avenue and River Plate Stadium (if you like football)
I hope this answer was helpful, you can contact me if you want to know anything else !
Hi Jeff! Let me give you some advises on what can you do in BA at that time. We have plenty of plans to prepair so as to make you spend the most exciting and intresting hollidays. One of this may be to se a theatre play at the COLON THEATRE which was re-opened a while ago, so we can check that schedule. Another important attraction is the May 25th celebration, which is a holiday and you can learn more about the local's cultural movement.
Lots of rock bands, and different types of musicians are one of the most interesting issues of the GORGEOUS BA

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