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Country: Belarus


City Molodechno is known as city of Arts and culture. Every year Molodechno hosts more than 30 international, national and oblast cultural events. The most important cultural events of the region are:
- Dulcimer Sounds on Kupala’s Land, an oblast festival
- The national song and poetry festival in the village of Vyazynka
- Molodechno national festival of Belarusian song and poetry
- Rakutseuskaye Leta, a poetry festival in the village of Rakutevschina
- Maladzichok, an international popular song contest
- Ya, an international one-person show festival
- The oblast festival of national cultures
- Molodechno Cup, a national dance contest
- Belyja Kryly, an international choreography festival
- World of Creation, World of Hobbies, an oblast amateur art festival
- One Earth, a regional song festival
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