Fun things to do in Oman? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Oman which tourists rarely experience?


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Great fun for the tourists
There is heritage tourism
Adventure Tourism
Diving Tourism
Tourist fishing
Sultanate of Oman is one of the best coastal destinations safe
There is nothing secret for local to do
There is nothing secret in Oman,the locals are friendly people.They invite tourists for what ever they do.Regarding fun things in oman one can camp in the desert, oman is an amazing place for have good pubs and disco's.Oman is popular for diving,dolphing watching,snorkeling.Sand bashing.Oman is an amazing place to drive.
There are many fun things to do in Oman depends on what type of person you are. However, outdoor activities are the best. Going to the Green Mountain (Jabal Akhdar) or Shams Mountain (Jabal Shams) are places that many Omanis go to. The Green Mountain is rich with different kinds of fruits that locals grow and these fruit are expensive if you intend to buy because they are organic and taken care of very well by the locals, to name few things that can be sold there: Pomegranate, peach, walnut, saffron, Rose water, and Honey.

Hiking in places such as the mountains, valleys (wadis), etc is really fun if you pick the right place and time. For example, Green Mountain in Summer, Salalah Mountain in Autumn.

Some of the things that many tourists don't get to see are the traditional games that locals play. Attending certain occasions and watch how locals celebrate it is fun too. Also, Oman has one the best beaches especially the north side (Musandam) where you can go for whale and dolphin watching. Going on a trip to the desert is so cool particularly to Wahiba Sands (Remal Bani Wahiba). Camping and BBQ is one of the activities that you can do whenever you go for any outdoor activity in Oman

Secret things that only locals do are not really secret but they would be considered more private for example, the weddings. In Oman there are 2 parties done, one party attended by the men only after the marriage is witnessed by all men and the other one attended by the women when the groom takes his bride. Men would dress up in the traditional way which consists of White dress and the women would dress up beautifully colorful gowns.
Oman has a variety to offer none like any other country, from landscape to old local bazzars, lots of culture, friendly people, deserts, mountains where clouds float under your feet, sun and 1700km of beach.

People of Oman are simpletons, simple and easy living, no secert there. try the hospitality of an Omani home, you would be welcomed as it were your own home.

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have a great holiday
There are now real secrets but there are a vast variety of unbeaten tracks in Oman. All you need is a gps and a 4wd and maybe a guide that is willing to go where you tell him to go. If you've got these things you can find some really amazing places in Oman with some really cool things to do. It does depend however exactely what it is that you waant to do.
For those willing to do some roughing out, it's fun to go camping on one of the islands off the Al Sawadi coast. You'd have to bring your own tent and camping stuff since there is nothing on the island but sand and beach and you can only get there via speedboat.
Depends on ones definition of fun. Trying to think of what Omanis would do that tourists rarely experience and I come up with a blank.
For the tourists, the following are available and its up to them to decide how much or how little they want to experience. Walking in the mountains, mountain climbing, Snake Gorge walk, 4Wd in a Wadi or in the desert. For the culture, visit the Forts of Oman from Khasab to Taqah. The museums in Muscat will take you one full morning if you start early. Beaches galore for those who wish to lotus eat, along the Batinah down to the beach at Mughail in Dhofar.

I think tourists rarely experience the heritage and culture of Oman. Part of the culture is hospitality which Omanis love to share and are quite rightly proud of this tradition. Sitting with a local person who has historical stories of the area. Follow in the footsteps of well known travellers to Oman and see how much or little has changed. In the mountains, visiting a bee keeper in the mountains and sampling his wares, visiting a rose grower or walking among the pomegranate orchards. The horse races at Al Felaij and camel races at tracks in the Sharqiya (eastern province). The Bull fights at Seeb or Barka (NO, not the Spanish or Portuguese versions, this is two bulls pitting heads together to see who can push the other one out of the ring, a bit like Sumo wrestling for Bulls). All these are probably experienced best sampled by tourists who are more willing to drive themselves or a small group with a driver.
crabbing omani style is great fun!
come and do it with us at Explore Masirah on Masirah Island!
Oman nhas many great places to visit!! You will never get bord here if you an outdoor person. Al-Hoota cave, Sink Hole, Daminyate Island,Snorkelling, Hiking and Hobie Sailing are a few thing to do here. And of course camping, as you can camp anywhere. We often just pack the car with our camping stuff and drive to different wadi, beaches or mountains and enjoy a great getaway.

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