Hey, i'll trip to london, 2weeks later! but this is my first time to visit london! so, i wanna look around the london but i really...

...don't wanna trip to famous place! :) could u recommand any awesome place in london? thx


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Get on you two feet and walk this

Can do it either way.
Imagine London of years ago.
Visit this museum too for some atmosphere

Enjoy your visit.
For me every inch of London is Awsome :)
When I go to a new place I like to get lost. Because if you ask someone where to go and what to do it really is not as fascinating as exploring everything by yourself. So I would recommend you to come here and explore everything on your own. As you will be staying here for 14 days so you' ll have plenty of time. Believe me if you want to have lots of fun get lost in London :P
Unknown places, small bars, cheap hotels they are all fun.
Bourough Market is always good, amazing place and lots of nice cafes to chill out in.

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