Hi, I need some information about studying English in Malta....(some 3 or 4 weeks) accomodation and school. Comfortable and cheap...

...please :-) thanks


Country: Malta


I have been working with EF for the summer peiod for the past 5 years. It is the best school worldwide and also in Malta.

It can offer you a whole package, from school to lodging/accomodation.

For more information about the English courses and prices you can visit the website here:

If you still need any additional help than just post again and i will be very happy to assist you!
Thanks a lot. I have one more question. Is it possible to join studies and work there, some part time job???
Hi there,

I have to suggest another school called IELS - they are based in the upmarket area of Sliema.

Besides having a great educational program they also have two places of accommodation they manage.

Also they have a super recreational program as well. They have some activity organised every night in the summer months.

I actually work as a DJ on one of the nights where everyone goes on a boat and we have a party - you can see pictures @

Every student I've talked to that go to IELS have answered saying its one of the best times of their life.

Here is the link to their website - when enquiring ask for Shelley Hook and tell her that I advised you to contact her.

All the best and hope to see you in the summer :)
Helloo Lenka,nice to meet you. If you ask me abut English scool in Malta my opinion is: there is so many...but my experience was very very positive with LINGUA TIME school .My sister was one year in INLINGUA...but LINGUA TIME has much better prices and position of accommodation.Position of the school is in Sliema and accomodation just 5 min away in a very good area.If you want you can find everything about school on internet..but i you prefer me to contact school just tell me and i will do that ,no prob!!! Just send me details like dates of arrival and departure an level of couse you want to go for!!!Regards Tanya
Hi Lenka, I am glad that you have asked a question I may so comfortably answer. We market a language school on the island and provide accomodation. The teachers are fully qualified and all accomodation available have been thoroughly inspected and reach all the required EU standard on health and safety. Will you please forward the period of time you intend to travel? rates vary depending on this. For example, it is right to believe that the rates would be higher in summer compared to the winter season. I look forward to hear from you, Mariella

Below is a link to a school called Alpha. They are a good school with good deals.

If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

I suggest Marks' advice... we both work for EF but in different localities.
i am Edward #
we offer accomodation
and also english school
we need to know one thing
when is the time you want to come
as this is effecting the accomodation alot
about school i will let you know the prices when you send me the information about the dates
just to let you know we run a diving school and we also teach salsa and abseiling , climbing
hello, you can try .. this is a language school which provides english tuition with accomodation (either apartment, hotel or maltese host family).. i would choose the host family coz its the cheapest way.. it's also safe and a good opportunity to familiarise yourself to the maltese culture.

I also have been working with EF for 7 years, 6 years of which in Malta. Malta is a very interesting destination which can combine English, sun, sea, fun, nightlife. It is definately an appealing country for you to come. I would suggest you staying around St. Julians / Sliema so as to be able to enjoy most of these. St. Julians is well connected to all Malta which makes it an excellent area. Some hotel I suggest is St. George's Park (or it's sister: La Vallette Resort). They are in the center of St. Julians therefore less than 2 mins far from nightlife. What do you want more? Just be prepared however that the food is not the best out there but the staff are excellent :) Also rooms are without AC but the location outpays it. The price is moderate.

If you need more help please do not hesitate to ask.

There are loads of English Language schools in Malta. They are also in the best areas of the island. Below are some links to the websites of the main schools, for you to compare and decide which you feel is best. They all offer english courses as well as accomodation. Accomodation could be in hotel, hostels or even families.

Should you need anything else let me know


Hi Lenka!

Well as it was answered already there are loads of schools which provide both study and accommodation. However, since I also worked with EF Language School Malta I can say that the students which we had all enjoyed their study trip and had a fantastic time.

Furthermore, it depends what you have in mind. The University of Malta also provides various courses. Please check on . The University may provide lodging as well.

Finally, as regards part-time jobs, it should not be a very hard task to find one, especially in Summer.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any more queries :)
Hi there, most people I know work with EC English Language school. The fee is about 165euros / $209 per week. The School is located in St Julians where you can do anything from going to a nice beach to nightlife . EC offers a variety of accommodation options to choose from like: independent residence, such as a hotel or apartment, or share with other students or experience daily life with an English speaking host-family.

I hope this was help and if you want to find any other info go on

dear Lenka,
many people study English here in Malta, especially in the summer since its very nice here then.. i know some foreigners who study here, and i can tell u that their English improved a lot..but the only bad thing what usually happens is that people gather in groups of their own nationality, so they speak their own language all day long, and this way not practicing English, which is the actual point of coming here..anyways, here r some links where u can find info about schools here..most of them provide accommodation as well..

with any further questions, pls feel free to contact me




I've been in Malta for 2 years! and of course with permission and I am from Mexico and like a tourist, and as a student i can recomended that schol " SKYLARK"

You can take a look there :

Because all of the "Famous and popular" Schools are not the most important thing more because i've been heard that those "famous" schools are not very good and very expensive.

But anyways, you can try skylark and for acomodations with them as well.

If you need anything like a tourist and i can give more information if you need anything else, cos i have some friends here :)

have a nice flight!
yo buddy how r you?
if ur interested in schools u can choose from plenty, some offer a complete package but if u find a good deal for school only i can give you accomodation for 10 euros per night, ul have a room for your self , no need to share with anyone , my apartment is situated 3 mins on foot from the beach,(check qawra point) on the net ul love it, and at home we speak english as my girlfriend is polish so ull be in an english environment, plus the bus is situated right n front the apartment with a 10mins ride to sliema ..if ur interested add me msn and we have a chat

cell phone number 00356 9982 8201

Information regarding recognised schools which teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL)according to the Monitoring Board and are Licensed EFL Schools which Operate throughout the Whole Year.

As regarding accomodation may you please let me know the days you will be in Malta.

While I hope you have found the above information interesting, should you have further querries, please let me know.

all the best!

Information regarding recognised schools which teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL)according to the Monitoring Board and are Licensed EFL Schools which Operate through out the Whole Year.

As regarding accomodation may you please let me know the days you will be in Malta.

While I hope you have found the above information interesting, should you have further querries, please let me know.

all the best!

Malta is well known around the world for its English schools,and its not the usual dull lessons, but a combined course of fun and learning. You can practice the language anywhere outside the class, practicly everybody knows how to speak english in malta
here`s a good site for you basically you have te complete of english schools not only in malta but even all over the world! i don`t have idea concerning the costs i guess it depends on the type of package you are aiming for to have in malta...if it is a one to one for example it would costyou a little bit more than the normal price! if i were you i would ask at some of these schools in malta to get the full list of courses and costs and choose the best for you! what i can tell you is that since malta is also an english speaking country you will find great schools which can help you to inprove your english goodluck!
As you can see, we have plenty of English Language schools in Malta and plenty of people wanting to recommend their particular favourite. The official organisation representing the registered English Language schools is MATEFL and their website is
My personal recommendations are A.M. Language Studio and Sprachcaffe.
Hi Lenka,

As others have already suggested, I also suggest that you contact EF regarding studying in Malta. EF can also assist you in finding cheap lodging. Some students live with Maltese families during their stay in Malta. It would be a good idea because generally such families would be very helpful and may assist you with any problems you may have. If you go for this option and the family you happen to live with have children similar to your age group, it would be even a bigger plus for you as they would be able to guide you to places where you can meet other people. Generally such families have more than just one foreigner living with them, so if that would be the case it is even better for you.

If you do not fancy this idea of living with a family let me know and I will give you some contacts of people that may help you find cheap lodging in a centrally located area.

Considering that you have in mind to visit Malta for roughly four weeks, I find it very improbable that you will find a job. What I strongly suggest is that you save as much money as you can before coming to Malta so you would have no need to work here and you will make the most of your stay.

If you have any other questions or need any help before or even during your stay in Malta please do drop a message. It would be my pleasure to help.

I hope this helped,

Hi Lenka,

I would suggest EF as a Language school. Regarding accomodation I can rent you a twin room for 120 euros weekly (breakfast and dinner). Please note the room is already booked from 20 June to 10 July.
There are various good English Language schools in Malta. Most of them are great but there are also some you should avoid.

I suggest you only work with those registered with FELTOM () which is the regulatory body governing the standards of the TEFL Industry in Malta.

Hope I have been of some help.
Hi! It depends on what type of student you are. I recommend NSTS English Language Institute. Many of the courses available are lower than your budget. Hence, make a bargain and visit NSTS ELI's site:

Try . there you can learn english and have fun at the same time. Our school is very serious, not like other schools. We also have our own hostel accomodation or if you want to taste maltese culture, you can also live with a host family, next to the school :)

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