Day trip from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

Hi, we will be staying in Playa del Coco, Guanacaste in July for 2 weeks. While we are there, we would love to visit Nicaragua (Granada, Lake Nicaragua and Masaya are some places that we are interested in seeing). We are renting a car but I know you can't take rental cars in to Nicaragua. Do you offer any such day tours or can you recommend anyone to us? Being so close to Nicaragua, I would really love to visit while we are in Costa Rica. I thank you in advance for any help or suggestions that you can give to us. By the way, it will be my husband and I along with our 6 year old son. Thanks so much!! :-)


City: Granada

Department: Granada

Country: Nicaragua


hello if you are planing to visis nicaragua an ecelent place to visit is leon city, we can practice sandboard an exciting sport on the top of an active vulcano , we have amazing museums , the most beutifull cathedral where u can walk at the rooftop and have an amazing view, well the revolution historis and amazing beaches aswel. if you need more info contact to me at : or check my website : . or just check my profile . bye and welcome to nicaragua you will love it :D
Thanks! Beings we are only there for the day, Leon will unfortunately have to wait for a hopeful return visit! Thanks again!
Hi, it is a great idea that you wish to visit Nicaragua while in Costa Rica. The drive is not that far. I have some suggestions that may interest you. For a child of 6 years old it may be good idea to visit Masaya and the markets surrounding that area, also close to this is the Volcano - and also Caterina which is a family area for food and drinks. It is a really nice place for the family to get together and just enjoy the sights of Lake Managua. Grenada is also a good place filled with history and for a day trip you could really see all it has to offer from the Cathedrals to the history - Grenada also has a prominent nightlife, a number of street cafes that come to life once the sun goes down. I will include the email address for Careli tours who offer tours around all of Nicaragua, they are one of the best operators and we have established a good reltionship with them to take care of tourists: the contact name is Axel Melchior and his email address is: or
I hope this helps - should you require more info please feel free to contact me.
Thanks so much!! :-)
Hello!!! Yes, I offer day tours. I work with my dad so for prices and more information you can write here: , we are having some troubles with the website, but you can see us here: .
We have all kinds of vehicles at your disposal and we offer tour Guided Packets.
If you are staying for 2 weeks in Playa el Coco, you should come to Nicaragua for more than just one day. I suggest that you come for 2 or 3 days. The first day you can visit Rivas, and San Juan del Sur beach, one of our most beautiful beaches! The second day you can go to Granada, Masaya, Catarina and also visit the Masaya Volcano. And if you want a third day I will suggest that you visit Managua. Or you can make the trip any way you like it, fix it your way to visit only the places you want, we are here to please our visitors. :).
You, your husband and your son will love Nicaragua. I hope my answer helps you, and hope to hear soon about you.
Enjoy your vacations! :-)!
Thanks for contacting me! I really appreciate it!
It would be my pleasure to tour you around. That is actually my business out here.
Indeed, I strongly recomend you to shorten your schedule in playa coco and visit tola beaches as well. There you can go to Giant Foot Beach, for example, which is a fishers' village under developement (check -I worked there) and has some neighbouring and beautiful beaches like Amarillo, for instance, which is still virgin. These pristine bodies of water arelocated up north from San Juan del Sur. Yes, I do offer the tours you mentioned, and some more... On the other hand, bringing a rental car into Nicaragua would be a problem. Some car rental offices in Costa Rica have branches in Nicaragua, Alamo Rent a Car for example. So, what they do is to give you a car there for you to drive up to the border where you would swtch to another one-from the same company-that is going to be waiting for you once once you put your feet in Nicaland.

Now, if you are coming over here, I'd like to know when in July cause I'm flying to Belgium pretty soon. In any case, if I'm not around, I know somebody who could take care of you (a colleague).

Finally, if you need any other info related to hotels and restaurants, just to mention, be open and ask. I'll be glad to help you out. You can also contact me to my email: or to my phone number 505-8416-1040.

Have a nice day!

Just want to clarify that I missread the info of you posted, regarding Playa Coco. We also have a Playa Coco beach relatively near the border to Costa Rica. That is why my suggestion for you to visit the beaches in Tola that are up north from San Juan del Sur Nicaragua. Thanks for understanding!
I forgot to mention that I am from Granada and have a good sense of the places you should visit around the area, including not turisty spots but really nice like some of the White Towns, communitary tours in the islets of Nicaragua Lake and Mombacho Volcano, horse ridings, hotsprings and...

Keep in touch!
i recomend u contact with a good hotel in managua or granada and check the car service they have, they have drivers and cars for ppl who need to and is a safe way to do the trip. princess hotel does,ana also crown plaza in managua granada has l gran francia all those places arre registered in touristic pages of nicaragua so u can google it and choose the best option for u. even u can see if the can pick up in the frontier with costa rica. good luck
Yes i offer day tours and i know those areas. you can contact me i have a travelers phone number 786-469-8213 call me any time Ask for Felix Lugo

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