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What is there to see and do in Buenos Aires in September?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


There are plenty of places to visit in the city. You should go and have a walk in `Bosques de Palermo´ - Woods of Palermo-. A few blocks away from there is located The City Zoo an Botanical Garden.
Otherwise you could go to downtown and take a look to San Martín Sq. Starting from there you could take Flrida St. up to `Plaza de Mayo´ - May Square -. It´s approximately a 10 blocks long itinerary in parallel to `Puerto Madero´ next to `Río de la Plata´.
There is a place called `Caminito´ located in `La Boca´ neighborhood that you shouldn´t miss uf you are interested in learning about Tango History.
`San Telmo´ is a very nice place visited by tourists from all over the world. It has small warm pubs and bars where you could have a drink while meeting new people. There is Dorrego Sq. -` Plaza Dorrego´ - where you could get beautiful antique.
If you are wondering to visit Buenos Aires´surroundings I suggest you to take `Tren de la Costa´ in Retiro up to `Tigre´. There you could have `Catamaran´rides in `Río de la Plata´.
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I hope I´d been helpful to you.
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Well! Lots of things to do in B.A!!
Any season! just came here and meet people, it's the best thing to do... go to the tourist areas are bored!
Come im september, this is my email adress , maybe we can hang around together... some friends, and look for cool places to take pics and have fun as well!
Buenos Aires is good for visiting all through the year. It's sophisticated, it's very European. Upon arrival taking a city tour to have a general idea of the best spots is highly recommended. After that tour, you can go to all the places you liked best but on your own and at your own pace. You can't miss a good Argentine steak with fries and cup of coffee in the adorable city cafés.
No doubt! go to eat to Puerto Madero!!! you will love!
You shouldn't miss Plaza Serrano!
Full of little pubs and bars.. specially on weekends when you can see the fair.
September is Spring in Buenos Aires. Perfect for walkig around the city. Get a nice hotel in the downtown area and you can start off from there.
I can take you dug hunting to entre rios. It is a great experience.

Besides all the suggestions from my fellows this is what I could offer:

Wanna have the best adventurous time in B.A.... ? Starting early in the morning with a trip to the islands of Tigre, having the best barbecue at noon and then watching sunsets by the river or in the river as you go kayaking... ending the day in the best discoteque of Buenos Aires...??

(Also, city tours on foot or bikes).

Do all the excusions in one day or differents is up to you! you only need to contact me!

See you! Mica.
Sptember is very nice seasson because starts the spring, and here you can do a lot of outside activities, you can visit rancho`s we call estancias,and there you can ride horses,and do sports and you can enjoy the nature... or you can say to us what do want to do and we can prepare for you,la pampa is 800 kms far from buenos aires in bus is 8 hours but the busses here are very good, in plane are 40 minutes. if you still intersted i can send to you links of this places, and i give you me personals number 005492954697433 and 005492954443684 ask for santiago or rodolfo. thanks for you ask,
You have a lot to see
I think Santiago Lamberti has the best answer to your question...
Buenos Aires is very nice throughout the year.
In September, it s spring and you can do many activities such as: to spend a day in the Delta of Tigre, or a day in the countryside, go to Gallery Nights. Every night from 21 to 27 of September, there is a Gallery Night at different places, and of course different tours around the city. Places to visit are: Plaza de Mayo and Monserrat, Parque Lezama and La Boca, San Telmo, Retiro, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood.

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Regards, Carolina.

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