Iam from Cancun Mexico and just got married we want to go in our honey moon to Toronto, Quebec and Montreal. how is the cheapest way... do it? How much is the cheapest hotel in those areas?


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Hi there,
Well, Quebec is the province that Montreal is in..unless you are talking about Quebec City. The cheapest way to travel from place to place is between the train or take a plane. you could even rent a car and drive- but I do not recommend it this time of year if you are from a country with no snow. The cheapest hotel would be to do either a Bed and Breakfast or to go through a hostel- I wouldn't do the hostel for my honeymoon. Hope this helps and good luck!
I would suggest looking into the train system Via Rail, and consider traveling that way. It's very comfortable and their service is quite nice.
Montreal this time of year actually runs a lot of rent one night get the second night half off specials at some of their nicer hotels in the city's downtown. When traveling through there, be sure to try a famous Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
Well Quebec is just beautiful, it's like France, but in a small way, it has a lot castles, churches, painters in the street, and it's safe to walk around, Toronto and Montreal are the cosmopolitan cities with modern buildings, restaurants and places to see. The cheapest way is by car. Congratulations.

Hmmm, well, I have to both disagree and agree with the above.

The CHEAPEST way to travel is by bus...but buses are actually not as nice in Canada as the best buses in Mexico, and they are all the same--average.

Driving is not too expensive...if you have a car. If you are renting, then it's not cheap at all! I agree that VIA rail is the best option for your honeymoon, as long as you are staying in the cities. If you want to go on a day trip into the countyside, you can always rent a car for a day or two. Once you get outside the cities, Canadian public transit isn't very convenient.

If you want to fly between the cities, try Porter Air () they fly from Toronto Island Airport, right downtown, are nice and FAST--no big security hassle and drive to the international airport. They fly to Montreal and Quebec City.

Good luck, buena suerte.

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