Do you know when is the best time to visit Cancun

Do you think is it good to go there on November or December?


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


The Best time of the year to visit Cancun it´s during the summer months. Altough , in this case , November is a good month if you don´t like many people. December is time for travelers to visit Cancun. so...
Yes, you should definitely go to Cancun in december. The weather is perfect. Not too hot like it is during the summer and not cloudy like it is sometimes in January. However you must know that Cancun enjoys of a year round summer and sunny days. There is no winter in this part of the world because it is so close to the ecuator. So to be honest, any time you go to Cancun is a good time and you will enjoy a lot.
If you are looking for good prices and not too many people the best time it's november or late january, avoid christmas break, springbreak (late march, early april), and summertime. The weather its great all year round but spring and summer are more rainy.
November is good, because it is the end of hurricane season and prices are not as steep as in December.
well mostly 8-9 months a year is ok,the winter months is when is more busy here and easter weeks.just avoid part of august all way to october,since its hurricane season,but thats a gamble if hurricanes come or not,maybe just occasional rains
I highly recommend that you go in the summer, after that or before, it is very probable that you get lots of rain and in august to november, hurricanes.
Look February for me is one of the best months of the year, it’s sunny during the day and fresh at night, there are not that many tourists in the place and you would enjoy a lot your trip.
Also may it’s a really good option, its consider low low season and the weather it’s really nice, also its when the sand its coming back to the beach (during the winter we lose some sand due to the north fronts)
I got married in that month and it was a beautiful day.

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