hi i am planning to visit finland in July with a friend , Any suggestions on where to stay , places that must visit and things to do?...

...Thanks for any replies .George


Country: Finland


About the places you have to visit, I suggest Turku, Tampere and Helsinki for the south, Joensuu or more openly Carelia for the East (near the Russian border) and probably Rovaniemi in Lapland for Santa's village.
If you don't have so much time or money and decide to stick with southern Finland, you can always visit Naantali and Muumin World there or the castle of Hameenlinna.
Tampere is a really nice and green city where you can see an old textile factory.
Helsinki is the capital, therefore it is best for shopping and you should definitely visit the harbour with the big ferries and the Orthodox church as well.
If you stay in Helsinki, I would advise the Scandic Continental Hotel, which is close to the train station AND the city center and also propose package tours to Sweden and Legoland in Demark, as well as tours around Helsinki and Finland. The breakfast is huge and you will probably find evrything you ever dreamed of, including Finnish specialties.
Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I will definetely rent a car because i like to visit many towns and i also like driving a lot. i will stay for 8 days so i will try to be everywhere i can make it. i will check about the hotel you suggest me.
i was told about a town called Rauma , do you reccomend it also?
Thanks George

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