Staying in Bangkok for 6 mos. Can you recommend a place I can rent?


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


hi, its all depends on your budget and also the area where u wanna stay in.
u can try wattana mansion. they got special price for 1 week stay (basic+ bfast ard 400-500 baht depends on the room) near niteclubs-nite entertainment. or you can try nasavegas (better hotel but location wise not really convenience- have to take cab everywhere) , etc

As it is 6 months better away from hotel.
look for some service appartments.
Find the below link.

Budget and expectations is very important here:
before I bought my condo , I staid in Asha Guesthouse, and some of the guests staid there for more than a year as they liked the family style atmosphere.
You need to give us more info on your budget and atmosphere you preferred. In short if you have high budget stay somewhere at Sukhumvit if the budget is low stay somewhere at Srinakarin.
Hello,as answered earlier Nasavegas offer good serviced apartments but the location is not suitable if you don't have transport, ie: car or van. I certainly can assist in that regard.However you should consider a serviced apartment nearby the BTS or MRT as it is more convenient and you should expect to budget around the 5000 / 12000 bht per month.In the upper range you can expect good amenities including wi-fi internet, cable/satellite tv and a/c.Usually one to three months advance is required but if you get back to me with your requirements I can give you much more detailed information.
One of my staff recently vacated from the Galleria where she paid 5,500 bht per month with excellent facilities. It is located nearby Asok BTS and Huai Khwang MRT, the Cultural Center and Sunday Market.You can expect additional charges of 22 bht per unit (water) and 7 bht per unit (electric).Highly recommend.
Depending on budget and your purpose of stay. If you are here on business, then check where your office will be. To save on transportation and time, you should try to stay near where you will work. If there is BTS or MRT near to the location, usually the rent will be higher but it's worth to pay because you do not have to be in the traffic. Of course, if you are here on leisure, you can have more choices to choose from, depending on your interests. Give us more details...
Hi, I see most questions I have have been asked already. I do know a serviced apartment on soi 13 Sukhumvit, near sky train etc. costing 1,000 baht per day, may be less for long stay. I stayed there, quality OK, not luxury, but service good and friendly. Please let me know if your interested.
well.....depending if you want a room or a whole furnished apartment. I always stay at a fully furnished apartment (2 rooms) at 1600 THB per night, like a hotel, you get fresh towel, unlimited coffee and tea, freezer, oven, toaster, stove etc..TV plus hot shower. The owner Randall is very pleasant and helpful. He has other units to cater for various needs. The Apartment is along Sathorn Road, opposite a baptist School, a nice quite area. try visit his sites or or email for enquiries, . Cheers
Hi, Thank you for your enquires, Have to see with area you want to stay and how much at your budget, And what kind of room you want to stay they have many nice place in BKK with the very good price.

Hope to hear back from you
Hi, as it all depends on your budget and style, check out websites where people rent out their place, like ,, or
All would depend on location and budget. If you'd stay in a serviced apartment, you can choose from furnished or unfurnished and also nearby the BTS or MRT. Prices range from 2,000 THB/month to 100,000 THB/month. If you would let me know in which area you want to stay and what budget you have in mind I could give you a detailed list of possiblities.
i think for 6 months, you could consider as long term rental. It depends how is your lifestyle but if you like rent a house in Bankok. Please look at the link below:

Getting a place near to the Sky Train line will save you money on taxis.
what is your budget? I know that around On-Nut you might find some @ 5,000THB but it's just a room very basic but for 12,000THb for a studio, if you lucky you can find some place with pool. Remember closer to the BTS you are more expensive will be the rent; If you tell me your budget and waht you are looking for them maybe I can ask friend to look.
I can point you in the direction of three websites which specialise in long term rental apartments, they are:

We have a traditional Thai house divided up into seperate rooms that can be rented for 3000 baht a month. Live with a real Thai family in a safe area where you can tuk tuk in ten minutes to the river and get to Kowsan road or the royal palace quickly. Its not a hotel and is typicaly Thai so if you want luxury a hotel is best. Our family is friendly and used to falangs (me) so you would be made welcome.The place is on CHARANSANITWONG ROAD and our number is 0850253003. Graham
I think the most interesting places for rent are Victory Monument area and Huay Kwang area . Skytrain and subway respectively are essential to live in Bangkok . I am sure
you will be able to rent over there. Rent will be from around 5.000 baht to 25.000 baht . Sometime the cheap ones
are very similars to expensive ones . Minutes diferences in fact. See you
Please let me know your budget as monthly rent, just to notify that the electricity and water will be charged extra, reply at with your interest

Depends on your budget and what type of service you are looking for ? Maybe you want a swimming pool, gym or internet ?
Just remeber cheap hotels can be very costly in the end. Security and convienience should be your top priority here.
your best is to rent an apartment like mine approx THB 7000-10,000 per month. if you would like me to help you find something nice and centrally located close to amenities and public transport let me know.
There are alot of local service apartments. Depending which area u are looking for. But most of these service apartments so afford tuk-tuk shuttle service to the nearest BTS / MRT station.. Some range from Bht 10,000 per month onwards (includes fully furnish, cable, internet, washing machine)

You can check it out here:

good luck
If you are looking for a bit of luxury The Somerset Park Serviced Apartments is a good option. We always stay there as it is conveniently located to the embassies, skytrain and Lumpini Park etc.
i recommend you to keep looking from apartment websites first then make your decision on the most you like also convenience to you too as BKK problem is trafic!

check out this site.... staying in local service apartment can help u in saving lots of $$...
I know of an apartment is cheap and and worth, and you able to get close to the local community. the location is between airport and the the major shopping malls. You may want to contact me at . i will be bale to provide you with more details
if you have the limit cost
i recommend Bangkok Youth Hostel
where you can stay for long period and also
get support by the volunteers and other foreigner who staying there.

but if you have much money i recommend you to
search by google and compare each other (the place to stay)
so , welcome Thailand
It's too broad inquiry. Budget and location including purpose of your stay are needed for more specific suggestion. For example, if you prefer convenient transportation, you might select to stay in the central area like Siam Square, Pratunam, Sukhumvit, or other places along the BTS (sky train) or MRT (Underground train).
If it suits your budget, Bangkok Garden is conveniently located.


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