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Country: Lithuania


Lithuania is very green land. As for the climate there isn't too much shiny days. People is friendly and helpful especially in Vilnius. You should visit Pažaislis cloister, city's castle and oldtown, Laisvės avenue in Kaunas. In Vilnius You should visit very interesting oldtown, Gediminas castle, Užupis district. Not far from Vilnius is very interesting and historic towns Trakai and further Kernavė - old capitals of Lithuania with their amazing views. If You'll be staying in Lithuania more than a few days I recomend You to go to see Ūlos eye in Varėnos area. Lithuanian sea-coast is also very interesting, but I don't know much about it. There you could visit Nida with it's dunes.
well, things to visit in LT depend mostly and how many days you have :) for Vilnius i would say 3 days: 1.old town and city center, 2. finishing up with the old town and time for shopping and souvenirs, 3. Trakai and Belmotas (places close by to see). then i suggest to go to Klaipeda, our seaside city and on yor way to stop in Kaunas - few hours in Kaunas are more than enough if you're not keen on seeing all the museums :) and then Klaipeda - seaside city, nice oldtown, warm city center, after this, 30km away - the most popular tourist seaside place - Palanga and also one trip with a ferry away from Klaipeda - Nida and all the 'peninsula' with it's nature :) if you're in terested in religous monuments - then you should also go to Siauliai - there is a 'hill of crosses' and to Pazaislis :)
i hope you'll enjoy your stay here, if any questions more, contact me and i'll try my best to help!
good luck!
Hey there:) Need sum info? Well i'm not gonna be soo specific here but if you're looking for sumthing extraordinary you're not gonna find it here, unless I'm the only one who finds Lithuania kinda short on famous places and theme parks. If you wanna find out about Kaunas(previous capital) you can get out by the old town(center)and you'll understand it all, all big shops, museums, places of interest are there, ofcourse something's still gonna be left unseen but trust me - you dont wanna get lost searching for it. Anyway, you'll be around, good luck, if smtn, my info's on the website:)
If your not being specific and need only the general information about Lithuania well then google it after you do that, come back here and we can help with more details on what concerns you most about Lithuania. :)
Some links

also more infomation in google to write lithuania sightseeing.
Good luck for your trip.
Its nice you want to visit our small country.
And all depends what you want to see. If you want to see our beautiful girls, you should go to nightclub :). If you want to see our history, you should go to museums :).
OK. Of course I am joking :).
Main places what you should to visit were writen. Other places ot things depends on your wishes. Write in short what you like to visit or to see in foreign countries.
If you like just to walk and to watch people (I like it :) ), you can sit outside in a coffee bar somewhere in oldtown , order coffee, watch to beautiful girls and enjoy your time... :)
If you will need guide or other help when you will be here, I always will be happy to help you :).
please check our web page and you will get all information.
Hello! Well, I guess your request is quite vague and it's difficult tod ecide, what to start from. First, don't come to Lithuania in early spring or late autumn, unless you like humid weather and grey colour. :) Late spring, summer or the very beginning of autumn is the best time to visit Lithuania. There are 5 big cities in Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, panevezys and Siauliai. travellers usually visit Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, Kaunas - the second largest city, and Klaipeda - the largest sea port.
Where to stay: there are plenty of hotels and hostels in the cities. I could help you choose one, if I know your requirements.
Wine & dine: there are plenty of various cafes, bars and restaurants in Vilnius, starting from McDonalds and ending with posh restaurants or cosy little cafes that are usually crowded.
Night life: there are several quite good nigh clubs/discos in the city. Which of them you choose depends on the music you like. Somehow a lot of foreigners go to BRODVEJUS pub-disco, which I personally don't like very much.
Car rental: you can easily rent a car at a variety of companies, startins from Hertz, Sixt or Avis and ending with local companies like EasyRental. I don't know the prices but, I guess, they are similar to those of other cities in Europe.
If you need any specific information, let me know. Moreover, I am sure that a lot of other Lithuanians will be also glad to help you with information.
BRODVEJUS last night burned down. :(
You can also take a look at , it has a lot of information, many links as well as links related to tourism and is one of the good sites that represents Lithuania.
Hei there :) So as already written above, if you want to see the most famous highlights of the countrey, you should definately visit: 1) Vilnius; 2) Trakai - an ancient capital, famous for its insular castle, 3)Hill of crosses - a saint place near Siauliai, where you can find hundreds of thousands of crosses brought by people from all over the world 4) and of course the seaside of Lithuania. If you are more into fun, nights clubs and parties, you should go to Palanga - the summer capital of Lithuania. There you will find all these things. If you are more into nature, quiet and peaceful rest, you should definately go to Nida - a beutiful spot between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic sea, which is also included into the Unesco World Heritage list. But I personally recommend you to visit all the 3 Baltic States at once as anyway you are comming to this part. Then you could just rent a car and ake something like "Fly and drive", visiting the most famous and not well known places for the tourists. Good luck!
I also recomend to visit Kursiu Nerija (Nida, Dunes), nuclear rackets base in Plateliai and etc.
If you like diving, Plateliai is probably the best place in Lithuania to dive. All necessary equipment can be rented in place. This entertainment is available only is summer as water temperature is very low even in this season.
Hi there,
I suggest to visit this link:
The information might be useful for you
Good luck
hi if you really interested in our country, try to look more info in wikipedia like that you will have general imagination about our country in general. Then you can decide what you would like to see.
hey, visit Kaunas in the end of april, when festival "Kaunas Jazz" starts... that is something really worth to see...
hey, visit Kaunas in the end of april, when festival "Kaunas Jazz" starts... that is something really worth to see...
If you need cheep hotels, hostels, tour and etc. you can contact me.

It's hard to say something about Lithuania if you don't know what you want. How long you'll be in this country, for what reasons are you comming, how do you want to spend your time, how to travel, what about amounts of money do you want/can affort to spend. Most of the answers above are great in comman.
First of all, I recommend you to go to Lithuania in late spring or in summer, because now weather isn't great for trip. I'm inclined to think that you should visit our capital Vilnius, because you can visit a lot of museums, old town there.. you know old stuff. Also, I suggest you going to Trakai, because there is a beautiful casle surrounded by lake.And I think you should go to Nida too, because you can see sand-dunes there. Of course, you ought to go on the internet and check those links, which were mentioned by other people, because I don't know that you want to see and do in Lithuania.

If you want to have some fun, you must attend some lithuanian night clubs.
The best one is EXIT (in Kaunas)
then rather good GRAVITY (in Vilnius).
PACHA in VIlnius is really bad club :(
Woo ( in Vilnius) is very nice place to go out. Also, check In Vino or TAPPO D'ORO vineries for the evening drink!
hey :)
If I were you, I would go to Vilnius (if you want to see only museums and old town, one day will be enough for you, if you like night life, vilnius is the best place to spend all night in cafes, pubs and so on :) ). of course, you must see Trakai, one of the most amazing places in Lithuania and see all the castle and to walk near the Galve lake, later you must go Kaunas, see "Pazaislis" of course our old President Place and some museums (for example, Tadas Ivanauskas museum in Laisves avenue - the museum of animals) night life in Kaunas isn't popular and if you want to have another night in pubs - you must to go to Palanga, to see the Baltic sea and our summer capital, of course go to Kursiu nerija: Smiltyne, Juodkrante and Nida. If you want to be real tourist, you can travel through the bus, the bus system ir very well and you woundn't have any problems. of course you can rent a car and travel through it. if you have more time in Lithuania, you can go to Druskininkai :)
As most of others offers visit Vilnius, Trakai, etc., I would suggest try to spent some time in Lithuanian nature - one of the most cleanest nature in all Europe. In summer it is green all around. You can have canoying in local rivers, take a bike ride in nice places, rest in a countryside near a river or a lake, go fishing freely.
Best way to travel in Lithuania - rent a car and drive around the country for several days. Of course, you should plan your night stays and make reservations upfront, because in summer not many places are free. If you like, I could help plan a trip - several years ago I was driving around the country and saw the best places in my country.
Hi. Well as I can see you already got a lot of suggestions where to go and what to see in Lithuania. What I could add on top of it would be more about people you can meet here.
Almost all younger people know english so if you need any help or guidance you can easily ask someone on the street. People in bigger cities are friendly and willing to help. I would just be careful not to talk to people dressed in sports clothing, any large groups of guys (well I see no reason why you would want to do that but just in case) or drunk people especially at night time as it might be a bit dangerous. Also dont trust girls in the nighclubs they (we) do like foreighners and money :) Im not saying that everyone is the same but its better to be careful than sorry. Also if you are going to use taxi be careful to check the meter as they tend to cheat.
hello, you should visit Lithuania for sure. I recommend you staying in Vilnius, in the capital of Lithuania. Anf from here you may vsit some other towns as well. It depends on what is your goal: either to go sightseeing or just having fun. Thus, you should specify on that, then I could answer you in more detail. The best time to visit Lithuania to my mind is summer, when the weather is nice and the country is green ;) Looking forward to seeing you here ;)
Hello, dear,

I think it is worth to visit Lithuania, but only in summer. Green land, many lakes, beautiful old villages. The most beautiful things you would see, when you like riding on bike and going by canoe, it is the way to look at the most secret and the most wonderful places of our land. Even lithuanian people are moved when they find out this point of view;)If You are interested in this kind of traveling, just write me, i give you all needed recomendations.
hello there,
nie to heard that u will be travelling to lithuania,, well firstly, i will advise you to visit lithuania from the end of april till the end of october... this will be the best time, as the weather will mostly be sunny and good.. im studying in kaunas and believe me, the weather now is too wet.. well, so the first city that u will be seeing, is definitely Vilnius, the present capital.. its beautiful and has a lot to offer to you, as a first time tourist.. its old town is full of life during summer and you can visit as many museums as you like, including some really nice churches.. the transportation is also very good there are a lot of normal buses and trolley(electric) buses..... just remember to punch your tickets to the machine in the buses or you will end up paying fines, from the airport you can take the bus number 1, it stops directly in front of the arrival gate. it will take you to the last stop which happens to be near the interstate bus station or the raliway station.. well and you can find some cheap accomodations there too... but take care and dont trust once in vilnius you can go to the old city, the city center and the museums, better buy a map to be more precise... rest to see is big shopping center like akropolis, just to hang around and ya night clubs are a real hit in vilnius, so check them out too but be careful during the night time. :)
the second place as everyone told trakai... it has a castel from medival times and is a really nice place to see surrounded by beautiful lake.. i guess one day is enough for it and its not too far from vilnius but if you go by bus so you will usually end up consuming a day. Then you can move to the second biggest city of lithuania.. Kaunas..well when you will be going by road from vilnius to kaunas you can stop for a couple of hours in rumsiskes... it is a heritage village and there you can see the real life of lithuanians during the old times.. it is 30 km before kaunas....and then to is mostly a student city with lots and lots of universities and colleges and it is usually not very crowded during vacation season but ya it also has its own center and old town and some night clubs ,museums and parks and a zoo :)... it depends how you wanna see this city.. but there is a place of the holocaust, the IXth Fort...u must see it to believe it and dont miss it if you can.. it is along the border of can spend 2 - 3 hectic days here and end up seeing everything because all the museums are in the center and old town so it will not take you long.. anyway as before a map is adviced:) and also you can contact me if you will be in kaunas i can show you the city.... from kaunas you can take buses to visit other cities.. first you can go to hill of crosses ( you can read more about it in lonely planet guide... just google it) and then from there you can go to see another big city siauliai,, well it is not much to see there, except the center and the old town but you can try...but you must be very careful in siauliai as it is considered to be a dangerous city :(.. anyway with city map, i guess 1 day or max. 2 days are enough for siaulai... then you can move furthur to more better places like klipeda.. where you can stay and see around.. some museums and center and i guess a aqua or sea museum... then you can either lodge there and go to visit nida and come back the same day.. or you can try to find accomodation with some locals, when you will be in nida... it has a nice desert, a national park and sea beaches... and also you can go from there to palanga and the island of lithuania.. neringa... these are really nice places to see.....i haven't been there yet, so i cant advice you, what to see but u can always google it;)..
anyway my advice.. 1) buy a map of each city you want to visit. 2) google about it before and try to visit the best sights or you will waste you days. 3) dont spend too much time visiting kaunas.. in short it needs just about 1 n half day.4) try to visit trakai and rumsiskes togather, in a day.. start early and after rumsiskes you can directly be in kaunas.. and then to other cities :)
i hope this will help you to plan your journey...
good luck.

nobody had mentioned that vilnius is the capital of culture this year.As I'm one of it's ambassadresses,please visit get a lot of information about it's events.
as i see there are many answers for your question. Also many things you can find in the internet. But main things. Capital of Lithuania it is Vilnius. It is not bit town, Lithuania at small country, have around 3 millions people. Klaipeda city is popular with tourism, but more smaller city which is located near it, is Palanga. This city is near see so in summer many people go there relax. You can find Amber museums there, parks.
About Vilnius, it is from XIV century city. Has the culture mix, how i call it: russian, polish and lithuanian it self. There are left many buildings which have many years. In the capital not only one language dominates, You can find and hear people speaking polish, russian as here there are many schools. People are friendly, helpful. Kaunas is exception, but still also nice city.
Religion is Christianity, but you can meet others.
About prices, prices level is not very high, actually thanks to this crisis inflation grows.
In addition to this you can find many night clubs, restaurant which cook not only lithuanian food, but also many others.
I hope this infomation was helpful
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