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Hi Carla,
There are very many options to choose on low budget dining in Iceland.There is a free booklet called Visitor´s Guide ,and in this book there is a section on dining in Iceland. There is also a section on budget dining in Iceland. You can look at this on the internet also.
This little handbook is one of the best information booklets in Iceland and it is free. You can also buy a DELUXE copy, but thr free booklet is a great source of all kinds of information..Everyone should have a VISITOR'S GUIDE..

I would stay at the Salvation Army right downtown and I would dine at the Sea Baron (Sægreifinn Restaurant). It is a seafood restaurant that serves very good seafood soup with lobster in it. They also offer whale meat skewers and skewers with all sorts of interesting and delicious fish. Rustic place but the food and the price is right.
Hi, Stefans suggestions are good. The Salvation army is right downtown though and it can get noisy there on weekends. There are a few other suggestions to stay at, Youth Hostel in Laugardalur next door to our great clean nice geothermally heated swimming pool. Hotels Baron and Cabin are also good budget hotels not that far off the city centre.
Both Stefan and Petur are right, I recommend the Youth Hostel in Laugardalur.
You should also make sure to try our famous Icelandic hotdogs. You can get them from kiosks all over the town and they are cheap too :)
Hot dog stand, best bet!

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