i travelled to tabuk saudi arabia in 1992 women were not allowed to drive,is it still so in the arab world,do women drive in dubai?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Yes women do drive in UAE.
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Yeah woman can drive here anywhere in the emirates if they have a valid license.
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Sure sure, they are very much allowed to drive in UAE. Over that, Women drivers are given respect here. The are always given way, whenever possible practically. Live alone the Hindu and Christian women drivers, even the Emirati local ladies, drive huge 4WD's boldly. You are right, in Saudi its still a taboo.
thats a relief
Yes, offcourse women do drive in Dubai.
ok ,guess dubai is better than saudi arabia
hahahaha no its allwed in dubai and all arab countrys exept sudi :)
ok that is clear,you all said the same so i believe you ,i wonder saudi arabia will have mercy on women?
ok that is clear,you all said the same so i believe you ,i wonder when saudi arabia will have mercy on women?
I did not know that women are not allowed to drive there.
Here, in Egypt they are allowed, and have never been forbbiden, to drive.
good to hear that,i think its only in saudi arabia that women are treated so poorly,in the rest of the world ,women drive.
off course u can drive in Dubai and do every thing, the life in Dubai is very beautiful and when you visited here you will see that is very differente;
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women are driving in dubai, any nationalities as long as you have you driving license...women have rights and allowed as men do - its equal.
im an expat here and driving since 2002, and never have a black points.

dubai is gret place to work and shop - hehehehhee..
im glad to hear that
Saudi Arabian law prohits women from driving. Hence, Saudi local woman are granted permission to sponsor one driver of any nationality to be her driver. Woman who are in car if they are not blood related cant sit in front seat with driver.
Many woman had protested to get our fundamental rights to drive and work in the knigdom during last years but it didnt happened yet. Hope you are comforatble with above clarifications.
very barbaric law,just an excuse to oppress them.thanks for the clarification.i hope and pray that God will deliver those women there from the evil they are suffering.
in dubai ,woman allow to drive .cos dubai is half freedom than other arab world!
good news
Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi because they are thinking that it will be dangerous if they will let women do the driving. Saudi is vastly a desert, and this will be a jeopardy on a woman’s life if it will happen that they will have a flat tire on the way. In a conservative Islamic society where women are not allowed to drive, we often see it as too hard for women to live. But let us respect their own culture, and they should respect also our opinion. In GCC countries, only in Saudi women are not allowed to drive at all. All other GCC countries are more open.
that reason is a sorry excuse,they are just being mean to the women there,i can change a tire,i do it all the time,how silly to forbid women from driving yet in saudi little boys drive ..i have seen it,teenagers driving.,very terrible and lousy culture,honestly i pity them.
I guess all have already answered your question...
You can drive safe'n'sound! Completely unlike Saudi! ;)
But you'll most likely end up using cabs anyways while on holiday. They are much easier to get around Dubai and they know all the local hotspots.
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Dubai is rather a liberal muslim state. Dubai is not located at Saudi Arabia, but we are part of United Arab of Emirates (UAE). There are different laws and rules imposed, however basic islamic rights and laws are still tight. Woman are treated with decency and respect over here, provided laws and rules are not broken.

To your question, women drives freely over at Dubai. All you need a valid driving license.

Dubai is a beautiful city, peaceful, very clean and an elegant city. I would highly recommend you to visit Dubai. If you have more questions, about Dubai, please feel free to ask more. I will be happy to respond.
yes i gathered that,thanks
Hi There,

Yes ofcourse ,and i am one of the 10000 women whos driving in UAE ,AND I HAVE MU OWN CAR
glad to hear that thanks
women in Saudi Arabia NOT poorly as you said !!!!they have their own business their own companies they are well educated,open minded ,they have their own driver they live there life as any other women in the world traveling ,working,taking care of there family and when they get out they put black ABAIA and under the abaia they dress the ultimate fashion,gold jewelry best makeup like Dior YSL .Its there society and religion.......but not driving!!!....,I wish I have driver myself :)
Here you have an idea about the Islamic women
and they are welcoming the Foreigner to visit saudi Arabia
they are forbidden to drive and forced to dress in black ,they are suffering,well im glad i am not living there...
all that you said is true,i have been there severally,yes they do work but they are treated poorly evenlittle boys,teenagers drive yet grown up women/adults are not allowed to drive and are forced to wear that black clothe over their clothes,that is abnormal and downnright bizarre and uncivilised..
Yes, women are allowed to drive her in Dubai.
Women do drive in Dubai, however in saudi they are still not allowed to drive. Dubai is more open and wearing the hijab is not compulsory.
i hope saudi will become like dubai one day
women can drive in dubai but in saudi they are still trying to win the right to drive
ok thanks
best place in arab world with equal right for both man and woman lo

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