Hi, I'm going to Berlin in june four days 20-24. I want to find a cheap place to stay like a hotel, hostel or motel, we are 3. If...

...somebody can help me in this way. I'll appreciate it. Thanks!


City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany



a cheap, well-knwon and often recommended backpacking hostel is
Please check;

hey guys,
i recommend , and . they are all located in Friedrichshain one of the best places to go to in berlin. bars, cafes, clubs, small shops a lot of backpackers und students... just beautiful!!
otherwise.. use google! you'll get thousands of hits.
if you have any further questions just ask!
There are hundreds of cheap hostels in Berlin. Just decide what area you want to live in (they are all quite different from each other) and find one on the internet. An other poster recommended Friedrichshain, it is probably a good bet.
My tip is to get registrered on or There you will find people who are willing to welcome you into their home for free. Most of the people on this site are young, open minded and are interested in traveling and other cultures. It's your chance to see Berlin with the help of a local.
Good luck!
Just a warning about A&O hostels - two of their Berlin locations are in neighborhoods that are not very safe (although Berlin in general is really safe).

In the past year I've spent about three weeks in Berlin, staying at the Wombats () and Pfefferbett (), both of which have opened in the past year or so and were very nice. Both had key card lockers and were really close to major public transportation lines (Wombat's U2 subway and about a 10-minute walk to Alexanderplatz train station; Pfefferbett U2 and a ton of different tram lines, including a direct line to Oranienburgerstr., a really popular area to go out at night). The rooms are a little bigger at Wombat's, while at the Pfefferbett there's a little more flair (it's located in a former factory). Both have a small restaurant/bar, and are close to other restaurants, bars, and supermarkets.

If you're looking for something a little more interesting, the Ostel () just opened - an Eastern German-furnished hostel/hostel - and it is supposed to be fun. About three years ago I stayed at the Eastern Comfort houseboat hostel () and it was a novel experience. The rooms are on the small side though and you can find rooms closer to the city center for about the same price.
De donde eres, hno?? Te doy mi correo
Si gustas agregame. Tengo rato en Berlin.

If you like it slightly more comfy and not so inside the crowded noisy nightlife area, try this.

Greetings from Berlin
Have you tried couchsurfing? (). It is an international hospitality network that "seeks to internationally network people and places, create educational exchanges, raise collective consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate cultural understanding."
The system works as follows: members invite other travelling members to their homes and offer them to stay on their couch (or a guest room or whatever they have to share) free of charge. Often they offer to show travellers around their city and take them to their favourite pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants etc. In exchange guests may teach their hosts something, offer to cook a meal, or by a drink or whatever they feel is appropriate to show their hosts their appreciation. It is a great experience and I think the Berlin couchsurfing community is pretty big.
Hope this helps.
We stayed at the Korfu II the last time we were in Berlin & I couldn't recommend it more.

First of all, I'm cheap. My wife's main concern is that we have our own room and our own bath. VERY close to a train station is also a major plus.

The Korfu II is right near the Bahnhof Zoo, until recently the major station in Berlin. From our room, which we paid €35/night for, we could lay in bed and look directly at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. That was 35/night for two people (double bed), so cheaper than hostels. This was two years ago, but I just checked, my boss stayed at the same place last week and paid the same rate. (March 2009)

Here's the website, , let me know if you have any questions about the place.

(I found one fault, hot water heater isn't huge, so wait 15 min between showers, or do what we did and one take theirs at night, one in the morning)

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