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I'm travelling to Santiago August 14th weekend. How much will it cost for a few events, horseback riding being one of them?


City: Santiago de los Caballeros

Province: Santiago

Country: Dominican Republic


I need to find out prices, so I can give you an estimate, this week I' ll answer you, thank you for your interest ... You can also think about more you like to do ...
Hola Rosibel! Soy Dario aqui en santiago y me gustaria que nos ayudaramos mutualmente...My English is very good too! please!! you can contact me at email
Price will depende of what you want to do.. 1 hour ride or a tour. Prices are around 25 and 70 USD. But if you stay in Santiago.. Cabarete is 1 1/2 ago from Santiago. If you need more information, let me know. Have fun.
Normally the price depends of what you'll want to do. But by the way the price is between $US15 to 50. Hope that my answer servs you.
hello how are you? thanks for contacting me! horse back riding on the beach in my area of the north coast (Iam in Cabarete) is exactly 25$ a trip! the trail start on the beach, of encuentro beach where most surfer do their surfing and compititions. Bike Riding is 100$ includes a days trip 24 hours your gas and food, youll have a variety of trails to choose from! boat riding is 100$ which includes fishing and your food! ocean world trip is 200$ which you swim with the dalphines animation food drinks and get a tour of their casino, disco and an amazing restaurant e.t.c! four weeler tours are 150$ will not include food or drinks nore gas! you also have the city tour 300$ youll get a tour from luperon, maimon, cofersi, costambar, puerto plata, sosua, and cabarete ( this includes your 3 meals , a night tour of disco and casinos) plus a jeep with a driver ( gas not included nore drinks) we got for you kite lessions with some of the best kiters in the world like alex soto! we also have rivers and cave tours please inform me if theres anything else beside what was metioned that i could provide for you! because I will pick you up fron the airport give you transportation and a full service for 70$ a day?
well posted answer with lots of information A+
Hello thanks for asking me...the pricesno matter whjat event it is depends of the season or the time you use it!! so i will find out prices and i will let you know! take care..
Hi there, Are you traveling via Santiago and staying where ?, if your plans are to spend a nice couple of days aroung our island your schedulle recommendations will depend on if coming alone or with a couple or family.... let me know but as far as general activities Richard respond plenty..... any help let me know is up to what you really want to do and from there we can make a lets say routine hence can change up tp ypur mood and likes... any help again reply to email
Dear Sir: I'm sorry we do this type of tours in Puerto Plata , Sosua , Cabarete , this Cities are fare away from Santiago ( 150 Km. ) , but if you coming to the area we glad to take care you
Oscar Girod/President
Hi there....I would like to know more details about what you wanna do and how many people will be traveling with you. So please send me more info and I will be more than happy to help you. Be good!!
horseback starts from 50$, depends how long to ride
ATV - 60$ for each person
Hi there, to really experience a good horse back tour you need to get away from the city, to the hills and countryside and fresh air. The tour I recommend is in Sabaneta which is about 2 hours drive from Santiago, half day tour is $55 per person and that includes and traditional Dominican lunch. Please let me know if this interests you so I can make arrangements for you, thank you Danny M p.s. I also arrange other tours, Dirt bike, Quads, Cave tours, River tours and many more.

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