i would like to visit istanbul at the end of this month i will stay for one weeek ... i wanna good hotel and wanna go to the kind...

...island where can i go ???


Country: Turkey


This hotel is run by freinds of mine. It is in the main tourist area of Sultanahmet. (I lived in Istanbul for the past 6 months) From this area you can easily access everywhere by tram. It is just 10 mins to Taksim the main shopping area.

The prince islands I think are what you are talking about. Go to any tour operator office in Sultanahmet and they will advise you on how to get there.

Enjoy Istanbul. It is my favourite city in the world!BTW bring warm clothes and waterproof flat shoes!!
Dear Ramzi...

You will visit ıstanbul and you want good hotel...And wanna visit kind of...island?*

What About to write to me all details about what kind hotel is good hotel for you and what is your budget?

Island? There are good alternatives .. But need to know what you really want and what you really want to do. If it is clear in your mind than please send to me an e-mail. You can also stay at the hotel at the island ( Büyükada) for one day ( which is very nice and romantic)
Just write to me the details please..
Take care :)

Dear ramzi,

Which Categorie of the istanbul hotel you would like to stay ? 5 - 4 - 3 star ?
city center hotel( Taksim Square ) or historical peninsula ( Sultanahmet distric )hotel or on the Bosphorus ?

For the Prince's Islands from istanbul we have a daily guided tour which includes transportation & lunch.

please feel free for asking me via e-mail :

best traveller according to yore budget you can choose an istanbul hotel in several 3-5 star categories in city center(Taksim Square)or an exclusife hotel next the Bosphorus (Sultanahmet distric ).
As for the island ,great choice the island are an amazing place to visit or stay ,no trafic sound ,old buildings the beverly hills from Istanbul without ferraries but transfers with hors wagon, certanly a top location.

How you go there? check in at the ferry harbour (bostance - besiktas)buy a ticket to one off the islandbuyukada is last and biggest island on the trip and my fafaorit.

Any more questions just ask the istanbul-turkey localites experts ..

greetings Tom Holleman
Hi Dear Ramzi,
we have same name commonly using in Turkey. Nice! welcome to my country. we say "başım gözüm üstüne" It means you have a place on my head and eyes. I like it. Well, I am a tour guide but living in other city, that Izmir or beautiful ancient smyrna in the west of Turkey in the side of Agean See. Cause of it I cant come to Istanbul but I will give you my cell phone. +905423452837. call me if you need a guide for travel. then my friend, Zafer will come to guide you. He is very good man. But you need to pay 200 dollar per a day. second day will be cheaper. and he can lead you for everything, hotel, food etc. best things...well, you don't have to hire a guide to travel but it is just an option for you. I advise you go to Buyukada (an Island) to see jewish heritage and Ottoman Empire heritage, Topkapi Palace and Sultanahmet Mosque(blue mosque, it is amazing, if you are a muslim, you must see, even christians like to see it). In case you call me for help but messages and internet will be better. my facebook could be added by you. search my name and email ( in facebook). Take Care.
Dilaver Öncü
hi, i believe that, this hotel will be good for you. it is a nice hotel in the center of the city.

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