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Hi ! Last Summer I visited Finland and very much liked it. I'm thinking of comming back this Summer and wondering if you know whether ferries between Helsinki and St. Peterburg operate and whether it's a good idea to take one?


City: Helsinki

Province: Etela-Suomen Laani

Country: Finland


Hi, you just go to Helsinki's South Harbour and you'll find all the ferries you need!


so, there is one to SPb, or rather from SPb, as this it where my trip is going to start from? :)
Ferries can be found from

It´s a new thing, so I haven´t tried. Visiting St Petersburg is really something I can recommend :) Even though you don´t need a visa for that trip, I would stay a bit longer and get a visa beforehand.
thanks for your respond! well, Finland won't let me in without a visa. and it's the same for you, finns, when you come to SPb, as far as I know. I've head a lot of good things about those farry trips, like they've got sauna, nice bars etc., so it sounds like good fan;)

What do you personally loke about SPb?
The tickets to the cruise ship form Helsinki to St.Petersburg can be ordered online (Silja Line etc), and the cruise there is relatively charming. Of ferries I am not so sure as I've personally never tried such, but the cruise is safe and pretty nice, just it only allowes you to stay in St.Petersburg for a few days.
If you do not feel a cruise is your way, you can always take a train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. It does not take too long.
Also bus-lines operate the route.

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