Which are the main places I should visit at Romania for a two weeks trip??


Country: Romania


Always a difficult question to answer objectively ! If you are coming here in the srping/summer, these places would be on my list (in no particular order)

Danube Delta starting at Sulina
Vama Veche (great place to party 24/7)
Sibiu and surrounding area (simply beautiful)
Brasov and up to Sigisoara (birthplace of Vlad the impaler)(commonly referred to as the mountains)

I am sure other people wil have different opinions, but its a beautiful place wherever you go.

The country is extremely interested: geographically (mountains for skiing or climbing or camping) - Brasov area with Piatra Craiului or Bucegi and Retezat (with natural reservation of aurochs - an animal specific to thise region similar to taurus)and for summer time Danube Delta or Seaside camping or modern cities for parties all night long or 'flower power' Vama Veche! It is also interested in turistic attraction - as roman vestiges on the seaside shore or Transilvania Sarmisegetuza, middle age castles in Rasnov, Bran, Suceava or Targoviste, Sighisoara or the beautiful Moldova with its blue Monasteries. Bucharest is cute and friendly with a lot of museums, bars & restaurants, clubs or parks.
not visit bucuresti
1. Bucharest
2. Prahova Valley (at Sinaia you can visit Peles and Pelisor Castels), Brasov and Sibiu for their beautiful medieval architecture;
3. you should try as well the fortress of Hunedoara - a unique monument in Romania;
4. Sighisoara - the best preserved medieval town from Europe;
5. The painted monsateries from Moldavia - Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita

If you have time...don't miss Cheile Rametului, Bicaz Gorges or the Happy Cemetery from Sapanta, Maramures!!
well if u will fly to Bucharest u have a few good things to c around here:1 House of parliamnet
2 The pubs and clubs
3 The the museums around the city
then u can go up north to visit SINAIA ( Peles castel) PREDEAL ( The town at the highest altitude in Romania) BRASOV (The Black Abbey, Poiana Brasov Ski resort) BRAN (Bran Castel, aka Dracula's castel) SIGHISOARA ( absolutelly gorgeous) I mean theres loads to see but depends what r u into and what time of year u comeing.
I hope I've been helpfull. Take Care and Enjoy Your Holliday
dear andreas. i will sugest to you to come in the summer season. whe have carpatian mountins, the black see , danube delta and many other rhings to go and see dependes on what u are looking to see.
I will propose you to search over the internet for much more information.
Take care.
First of all, I wouldn't describe Bucharest as cute and friendly. The city where I live is one of the cleanest, so maybe that's why I don't like Bucharest.

Second, the Danube Delta, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Bran are wonderful suggestions. I would also suggest Valea Prahovei if you like hiking/skiing. The northern part of the country, Maramures and Rodnei National Park, which is the largest protected area after the Danube Delta.

You can research the places we all mentioned and decide which interest you the most.I hope that you will enjoy your holiday.Cheers!
If you like mountain climbing, I'd recommand you several mountains with astonishing sights: Apuseni (carstic beauties), Fagaras (the highest peaks in Romania), Retezat, Ceahlau, Creasta Cocosului/Cock's Crest (a unique vulcanic natural monument). Maramures county offers you an amazing place for rural tourism, a land where old customs are still preserved and the architecture of the households and churches, along with numerous etnographic events represent great attractions. Here you can also see the tallest wooden church in the world (in the village Surdesti) and the famous Merry Cemetery from Sapanta. In the nearby town Sighetul Marmatiei you could visit the Memorial dedicated to the Revolution from '89 and the Village Museum. In the county capital - Baia Mare - you can feast your eyes in the Mineral museum and also enjoy the sights of a beautiful city. Other cities to visit: Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Iasi and the capital Bucharest. You shouldn't miss the national patrimony of monasteries in the region called Bucovina, and the Danube Delta as well. If you want more details about the Maramures County, don't hesitate to contact me and I will help you set a great trip in the area ;)
Being raised and born in Bucharest, I advise you to spend most of your trip outside of Bucharest as it is much more interesting and challenging, and gives you a better idea about the country than Bucharest itself. Some of the interesting spots in Bucharest: the Village Museum (Muzeul Taranului), giving you an idea about the traditions in the rest of the country, the old downtown part of the city, The Old Palace on Victoriei street, The Parliament Palace (only if you're into the fact that it's the 2nd largest building in the world, and not for the architecture, which is a weird-megalomaniac inspired kind of building) and that's pretty much it. What you should really focus on is the rest of the country: Transilvania, Brasov, Sinaia (for the Peles Royal Palace), Sibiu, Sighisoara, Cluj, and up to the north the Maramures region with the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, and the Moldavian monasteries (there are circuits organised including all the monasteries).
The Delta Danube is also beautiful and offers many touristic opportunities of you're into the nature and birdwatching.
If you fly to Iasi we can drive you to the Bucovina Monasteries one of the most beautiful place from Romania with thos great monasteries and all wonderful landscapes around.
For details contact me.
I think the place in Romania is Transylvania. But if you do stay 2 weeks, then Bucharest is a must see.

The seaside is OK in summer, but if your more of a mountain guy, then try going to the area of Brasov and Sibiu. Save one day for the medieval city Sighisoara and go to Cluj for some nice parties. If you have the time, travel north to Maramures area or to Bukovina area, with the famous Monasteries.

Have fun!
Transylvania: all the cities.
I would recommend Bucharest for 3 days. Then go to Bucovina (in north) for another 3 days. There you visit the monasteries, then go to Cluj for another 2 days, then Sibiu for 2 days. Also Sinaia 2days, and Bran 1 day. You are left with 1 other day that you can spend in Bucharest before leaving.
TIMISOARA; MARAMURES/SAPANTA;- use Google Earth too check'em out
BUCHAREST- not so much.. it actually sux.. plus there really isn't that much to see there anyways and i bet you wanna get out of the city and have a real adventure on your trip, yeah?
depending on budget and what you like. I think a little bit of Transylvania, Bucharest in a day and a half, maybe Brasov, Sighisoara, depending on what you like. For Bucharest i can help you with a little tour. Feel free to email me and i can show you around.
Bucharest is a debatable destination. A photographer would find there amasing (sad) contrasts - beggars in front of luxury shops on Magheru street, kitch glass&steel offices built next to old beautiful buildings in ruins, old people offering a bunch of radish on a gray skyline of concrete blocks and mad traffic... Places i would recommend: (1) the Sfantu Gheorghe in the Danube Delta - the best combination of Delta, a wonderful empty beach and decent accommodation in buildings that respect the traditional style (see an example under ) (2) Transylvania - Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara and most particularly the villages with medieval fortifications in between (). Then either Bucovina and its orthodox monasteries or Maramures.

As you may know Romania shelters many outstanding locations from the point of view of culture, tradition, religion, history, geography.In two weeks time you should run a lot to visit the most important cities, but i have multiple suggestions as : Bucharest (museums, clubs), Brasov ( museums,mountains, ski), Sibiu (was declared the european cultural capital of 2007 - museums, arhitectural style), Cluj, Iasi (known for it's 99 churches and Palace of Culture, cathedrals, museums), the north of moldavia and Bucovina : the monasteries (uniques in the world,they provide every tourist amazing feelings, due to their arhitecture style, paintings and tradition.; here are some names: Sucevita, Moldovita,Voronet,Gura Humorului, Secu, Sihastria, Neamt, Agapia), Lacu Rosu and Cheile Bicazului (an amazing resort with extraordinary landscapes "made by God" to take your breath away), Maramures ( a region where the romanian traditions are preserved the best - wonderful churches with unique and impressive roofs), the Danube Delta, Timisoara.
You can also take a look over some pictures that i think they say more than words! Afterwards you can decide! And if you would like to visit Iasi, Bucovina, Lacu Rosu, the monasteries, please let me know and i will help you!
Not to miss Transylvania ( a good starting point is Brasov and the surrounding area; Rasnov, Rucar-Bran and mountains then Sighisoara and Sibiu.
Maramures- hey stacks on mild hills and Northern Moldavia with its monasteries.
Good luck!
Well, I see that there are quite a few answers to your question. I think that you have enough time to visit Danube Delta, Sinaia, Brasov, Sighisoara, and the North Moldova.
Well, I see that there are quite a few answers to your question. I think that you have enough time to visit Danube Delta, Sinaia, Brasov, Sighisoara, and the North Moldova.
I sugest you to come in Timisoara, begining your two weeks trip from there. Is important to not stay less like two nights in same place for avoiding difficulties to move from one place to other. So, suposing you'll come in sumer time, you can spend two nights in Timisoara for visiting that area, after try to contact some one for visiting Apuseni Mountains *let say 3 days). After that you can try to come in Maramures Isorical area for spending in sourround other three days. So, you've got already 8 days. Come after in Vatra Dornei (part of Bucovina) and I will be able to make you one interesting 6 days scheudle for spending the remaining time. Your departure can be from Iasi. Ok ?... welcome in Romania ! sincerly Emil

first of all: decide on transportation. If you intend to do it only by train/bus, than you'll spend much time with it. So a rented car would be a good idea (rates gone under 20 Euros per day lately... so it's feasible). On the other hand, having some (but not too much) traveling by train might help a lot with socializing & meeting real people.

The options for visit are endless... So i'd better suggest first the places not to visit, since they are already crowded by mass-tourism:
1. Prahova Valley... forget it.
2. Dracula Castle Bran - just another Dracula flop, 100% Disney-feeling
3. Black Sea - uglier region than most seasides on the planet
4. even the famous Bucovina Monasteries ... in summer there are 2-3 buses filled with tourists (a.k.a. grannies with lots of photo cameras and stuff...) waiting in front of each of them. If you'd see the line at the toilettes, you'd know what I mean.
5. Sighisoara also turned exaggerated commercially in the last 10 years, tons of "medieval-looking" kitch all over the place. The villages south of Sighisoara are way more interesting and un-polluted.

What not to miss:
1. Sibiu (just great) and at least a few of the (former) Saxon villages in the area Sibiu - Medias - Sighisoara - Brasov. Most of them host impressive citadels.
2. some orthodox monastery. Best would be: old but remote, and not so very famous. Those just west of the town Ramnicu Valcea are quite nice, and located half-way between Bucharest and Sibiu. In that area, there are also some tiny monasteries, so isolated that you can just reach them by hiking (and the landscape is even more spectacular than the monasteries).
3. Bucharest - for sure not beautiful, but definitely interesting and intriguing.
4. Some urban fun (clubbing & stuff): Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca would be the best bets, while Sibiu would also hold to some extent.
5. Some home-stays at the peasants; be aware: much of what is on the web a "rural pension" is actually an ugly concrete villa. So take your time and search a bit on the web. When you find one, than you'll certainly find enough interesting things to visit nearby (but it's the homestay that counts, and not so much the "must-see" stuff...)
5. The Danube Gorge ("Iron Gates") - I've seen quite a lot in Romania, but still never found such astonishing landscapes. Virtually unknown, even for most Romanians (but there's enough good accommodation there now).

That's it. Take your time with planning, don't rush it. But still stay flexible enough to allow pleasant surprises and last-minute-changes in your trip.

I suggest you visit Bucharest for two days than possibly rent a car with a well-informed chauffeur to drive you around the country. Include Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, the North of Moldavia, spend a few days into the mountains and that's it. The sea-side is not a representative place for Romania. Enjoy your trip!
If you want to travel in Romania,it is advisable to visit the first area of Bucovina (where there are many traditiii the Roman People) View the Web:
What is indicated by visit Mountains of Romania, see web: ; you can go in the Danube Delta (UNESCO Natural Reserve) see website: ;and you can choose what area you looking on the web at:
See all about Romania at the web address:
If you want to be your guide, please contact me: 40728235122
I too suggest you should come during the summer season, as the climate is mild and there is much more to see as compared to the cold season.
In my opinion, the places you should definitely visit are, first of all, the Southern Carpahtians along with the Prahova Valley, the cities of Brasov and Sibiu and the surrounding areas. Secondly, you should visit the Moldavian monasteries around the cities of Suceava, Piatra Neamt and Iasi, the Bicaz Canyon, and the city of Cluj-Napoca, aswell as the lakes that surround it, along with the Turzii Gorges and the caves of the Western Carpathians.
You should also visit the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, and the capital, Bucharest.
The Apuseni Mountains (Western Carpathians)are worth visiting. Check to find out more, the information given is interesting even if you do not choose a trip organised by them.
so first if u come by plane in bucharest
1. visit BUcharest for 1 day, go to the old town, there are beautiful places in Bucharest but try to find someone to show them to you...alone you will never find them...there are old houses that deserve your attention..but if you don't like arhitecture don't bother with Bucharest..
If you are a nature man..
2.the mountains I recommend Piatra Craiului, Retezat, Apuseni
3.Danube Delta
4.cities ... Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, Iasi (the most beautiful)
On the internet u can find a lot of information on these locations...and u can make a plan...
Good luck and take care
When u are in Romania and u have problems or get lost just ask the people on the street..the most common language known by romanians is english, but u can try also french, italian, german or russian.. :)
Hi . Please send me an email , with the period that you will like to come, and i can give you full details regarding the nice places that you can visit on that specific period . For Brasov, i offer accommodation, in one nice apartment situated only 10 minutes from the center, plus full guidance for the areas. Regards.
First you will have to tell me what about are you interested to see, and then I can give you a good feedback.
You should definitely see Sibiu and the surrounding area, Sigisoara, both historical/touristic places with a lot of things to see. There are also a lot of beautiful monasteries and churches which truly represent the Romanian people. And, of course, the mountains: Arges (gorgeous in the fall), Balea Reservation (my personal favorite ) and the Rasnov and Bran castels.

I hope you have a great time!
fortified churches of Transilvania
You should visit Bucharest, the Capital of Romania, than you should go to Prahova Valley to visit Peles Castle and Dracula Castle. And than to Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Sighisoara. You will love it....and come back with more friends.
Danube Delta
Sibiu area
Bucovina's monasteries
Welcome to Romania :)
It is not much one can add to the previous 33 answers... I live in the western part of Romania and i recommend Timisoara as a sort of entry gate (especially if you come by train from Wien/Budapest). I agree the IRON GATES on the Danube are amasing and i add CHEILE NEREI (Nera Gorges) - it is a beautiful region where in just one day trip you get a beautiful variety of landscape and scenery - meadows with a dizzing scent of hey, luxurious vegetation on the river bank, dramatic rocks, fairy-tale-like waterfalls and forest. I also recommend to meet a very special person, an architect who works in cob - see Have a look on for some sample pictures.
Great that you want to visit Romania. As non Romanian I know you will not be disappointed in this country. However it really depends what your interests are. There are many things you can do in Romania from historic tours to mountain climbing to fishing and boating or even just enjoying lazy days on beautiful sandy beaches.

I live in Brasov and personally speaking the place in full of history and some amazing breath taking scenery. You will need to visit Brasov tour the old city which is said to be one of the best preserved cities in Europe. You can also spend some time up in the mountains. Mountain guides are highly recommended for any visit into the mountains.

If you require any further info please feel free to contact me
I think Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania so you should start from here. It will be easy to get anywhere else from here, being in the center of the country. It depends when you the summer the mountains are more accessible..
Enjoy your trip!
Bucharest -> Constanta (seaside city) -> The Danube Delta -> The Monasteries of Bucovina(north of the country) -> Maramures -> Cluj -> Sibiu -> Sighisoara -> Brasov + castle of "Dracula" -> Sinaia -> Bucharest
It depends on what type of tourist are you, really. If you like mountains, you should definetely see Sinaia, Busteni Retezat National Park, Rodnei and Caliman National Park. If you are into culture, Bucharest, Sighisoara, Medias, the Monasteries from the North of Moldova, especially Voronet. In case you like fishing I would recommend Danube Delta. So, it's a lot to see really. Be more specific! :)
Danube Delta, Brasov and its surroundings, there are many beautiful places to visit. I think you need more than two weeks, if you would like to see all of them :).
The period u choose to come is very important....U should visit Brasov,Sinaia and all Rucar-Bran area...also Maramures,like that u will see very nice culture and life style...Bucharest is also a great city with a lot of museums what include a very interesting museum what present the people and traditional life from different parts of Romania!
DOn't forget Bucovina Monasteries, too.
It's important that you only have two weeks. I suggest you do a tour on the following route:
1. Timisoara (day 1)
2. Hunedoara - the Huniazilor Castle(day 2)
3. Sibiu (days 3 & 4)
4. Sighisoara (day 5 & 6)
5. Brasov (day 7)
6. Sinaia and the Peles Castle, on your way to Bucharest (day 7)
7. Bucharest (day 8-10): The Village Museum, The House of the Parliament, The Victoriei Blv. + many small and nice cafes and places (I suggest you take a local guide)
8. The sea side (day 11-13): you'll finally relax after such a long tour and think about coming here again to see the rest (the monasteries in Moldavia and Maramures, the mountains, do some rafting in Banat or fish in the Danube Delta). I suggest Mamaia as a resort (it has nice sand and clean beaches).
Day 14: return to Bucharest for your flight back home.


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Sighisoara, Cluj, Brasov, Danube Delta, Baia Mare
There are many beautiful places in Romania, and two weeks would not be enough time - but I would definitely recommend that you don't miss the following: The Bucovina area, famous for its extraordinary natural beauty and its wonderful monasteries; the Maramures area, with its well preserved traditions and famous wooden churches; Timisoara - the city, one of Romania's most important cities, and the area around it, especially the Nera Gorges (Cheile Nerei); Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Sinaia and the castles in their area; the Rucar area, with its beautiful landscapes... and there are many, many others!
I would like to suggest that you should see southern Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovina and the Danube Delta. These places are worth seeing. There are many more amusing places in Romania but for one week I would recommend the above places.

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