Cheap hostels in Madrid?


Country: Spain


This hostel is very cheap , firsthand the treatment of staff is very good, is conveniently situated 10 minutes walking from Plaza of Spain, next to Gran Via one of the most famous and tourist streets of Madrid.
I do not recommend any hostel in Gran Vía, Plaza of Spain and environs, and you're out there check it out but they are often frequented by prostitutes for their services.

In the district of Chueca / Fuencarral is very nice and modern hostels for young people and cheaply too. I recommend the Color Hostel in Chueca.
Stay in a hostel is always cheap but rent a flat is also a good choice..I don´t work fo then but i recommend it You will problably find a flat that will cost almost the same price per person that you would pay for a hostel.There are lots of sites like this.Good luck!
Located in lively neighborhoods, two choices for a cheap Madrid hostel are Mad Hostel and Malasaña Traveler's Hostel.

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