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I am trying to plan a trip to Sweden this winter to go dog sledding near Ostersund. I would like to fit in a side trip to Kiruna for the Ice Hotel before we go dog sledding. The round trip flight for Ostersund only is about $1000 (from Newark NJ in USA). But if I do a trip from US to Kiruna, then Ostersund, then back home. the flight is over $2000. Is there a cheaper way for me to travel within Sweden? Specifically, Stockholm to Kiruna and then Kiruna to Ostersund. If yes, how long does it take and can you give me some details? Thanks much...Susan


Country: Sweden


Is there no direct Kiruna flight so you can go dog sledging up there instead or is Östersund too good an offer to miss (or a personal reason)? The ice hotel really is a magic place and the winter light up in the Arctic is even more spectacular than in mid Sweden. Having said that, Östersund too is very nice, and Åre nearby even if more expensive.
Most Kiruna flights indeed leave from Stockholm (Arlanda airport) where the Scandinavian Airlines SAS has most departures but check out Norwegian for cheap deals:
From Östersund you can get to Stockholm relatively cheap by Next Jet:
Trains are usually more expensive but can take you all the way to Kiruna if you want a scenic journey, waking up to reindeer running around :)

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