Dear boong, I'm travelling to thailand next week.need someone to show me around. contact me at see ya!

need info on hot night life,good shopping and attractions


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Sorry but are you trying to contact someone in particular or are you asking for a Localyte's help here and if so where do you want showing around, Thailand is a big place?
looking for anyone who could show me around!
There are thousands of licensed guides in Thailand. Be careful of going with just anyone you meet on the internet. You could be drugged and robbed. It does happen. Make sure they are registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand as there is a 40,000 Thai baht fine for anyone who guides without a license.

Be careful,
Too strength! But a lot of good Thailand people and much more than bad. Just a few of Thais is bad but not only Thailand have a bad people, every where in this world have both of good and bad people.
For me I just wanna make friend from here, I can help anyone whoever need my help if I'm available or if I can't I can provide information.
A hot nightlife you can find in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. If you are into bargirls, head to Pattaya, you will not a guide because you will stumble onto the nightlife by yourself queit easy.
Phuket is more upscale and less seedy. Locals go in Bangkok to places like Bed Supperclub if you are more into clubbing.
What is the kind of style you are looking for? Shopping can be done in Phuket near Jungceylon in Patong or Central Festival in Phuket, they do also have branches in Pattaya.
It would be wise to tell us where you are going.
Please be careful of just requesting any guides. They are registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( T A T ). There are good guides and bad ones in all countries around the world, Thailand is no different.
Have fun and have a safe stay here.

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