How much do meals cost?

Im going to Luxemberg. Can some someone give me some idea on how much meals cost from cheapest to Mid priced? And if you can recommend a place, please do..


Country: Luxembourg


If you travel to Luxemburg, you have to eat once in one of the restaurants of the Îlot Gastronomique behind the Palace of the Grand Duc. Really, don't miss that opportunity. It's a must. In a middle-age neightbourghood, you have more than 20 restaurants.
see an exemplar:
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Well eating out in Luxembourg is quite reasonable and you can find somethnig to meet all tastes! I would say that you can get a very decent meal for about €25 easily. If your on a budget, its easy to do better than that and if you are a bit more extravagent that's easy too! Luxembourg is actually quite unique in the fact that it is a rich country, yet eating and drinking out is very good value for money!

There are several really good websites to look up restaurants in Luxembourg, and from these sites, I'm sure you can find something to your taste here is one that's good:

While you're in Luxembourg, if in the city, its great just to take a walk in the "Grund" area which is the old part of Luxembourg in the valley, visit the ruins (Cassmates), it all depends on how much time you have!

I hope this information helps you out!

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The most easy way to get an impression of all restaurants in Luxembourg is to go to the Website , here you will find the price and an explanation about the restaurant. Bon appétit!
Luxembourg is quite expensive when comparing to alot of cities in Europe. I am a young traveler working as an Au Pair here and it's hard to stay on a low budget. If your looking for something around 10 Euros, Urban is a pub atmosphere but they have a great sit down meal! It's behind the palace aswell.
As the others said, the best way to find out restaurants in Luxembourg is to visit or ! This websites show you the budget you have to spend in each restaurant. Then, it depends on what you wanna eat. If you are looking for a typical Luxemburguish restaurant, you have the "Mousel's Cantine" in Luxembourg - Clausen. Near to the restaurant, you have some nice bars with all kind of music.

I recommend you to visit the "Casemates", the Grand Duke Palace, the "Corniche". If you are going to the tourism office, ask for the "Wenzeltour", a nice walk around the fortress of Luxembourg. If you like modern architecture, you have to discover Luxembourg-Kirchberg, a quarter of the capital.
For Luxembourg in general, I recommend you the "Petite Suisse" in the east of the country or the different castles.

It is a bit of a hobby of mine to eat out and compare restaurants, but if I eat out I'd usually go to places, which are not in Luxembourg-City but all over the place, since most restaurants in the city are quite expensive (e.g. ~25.00 € for a two-course meal in a cheap restaurant in the city). Furthermore, around Luxembourg-City in the country site, you'll probably find restaurants in every village or town. Three places I'd recommend to everyone, because of their value for money are the following:

Café-Restaurant Ofstellgleis; Hostert (~ 10 km from the city centre of Lux.):
Here you'll get a "Menu du Jour" for something like 18.00 € and you'll never be wrong by having the "Menu du Jour"

Café Conter Stuff; Contern (~ 12 km from the city):
Great choice of European and Luxembourgian cuisine, two-course menu between 15.00 € and 30.00 €, depending on what you fancy

Café Lelliger Stuff; Lellig (~25 km from Lux.-city):
Moderate choice of menus but absolutely fabulous quality. I used to go their for my lunch break when I was working in Manternach. On the menu is for example Angus beef steak from local farms, (which conduct extensive agriculture) with chips and vegetables of the season and when I fancied roasted potatoes instead of french fries I just had to say so and I got a frying pan full of roasted potatoes on the table. I don't know many places where they would change their menus just as easy as here. At the end I paid 15.00 € and was stuffed to the throat :-).

For low-budget food the towns a crowded with Kebab-shops, McDonald's, e.t.c. I reckon in Luxembourg you'll find for every taste and wallet

There are restaurants to suit all budgets in Luxembourg. Luynch times offer very good value for money with carte de jour. A 2-3 course meal can be eaten for 10-15 Euro, otherwise an evening stroll around the city offers countless choice, and as most palces have a menu displayed outside it is easy to compare prices.

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