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I will be gratefull if you help me with contact of a publisher. I will be translating a book from Bulgarian to english.The book would be related to the Bulgarian healer Neli Dimitrova for more information : She has written a book with the healed cases and people.The book has healing pictures which she has drawn / u can see the pics online at her website/ and the healed cases are also presented. . If you yourself are a publisher in an English speaking country it would be much appreciated to contact me so as to give you more details of the book and its content or either know someone who publishes that might be interested. Veselina Spasova Thank you


Country: Romania


Humanitas is the best publisher in Romania
There are several publishers in Romania, Niculescu is another one that you may contact.
Hi, if you wish to publish in English for Romanian readers, you will significantly reduce your sales chances, since only about 10% Romanian readers are comfortable with reading a book entirely in English.
If you do want that, I would recommend MacMillan Romania, macmillan @ macmillan . ro , Nemira publishing house, office @ nemira . ro , Miracol publishing house edituramiracol @ miracol .ro. Good luck!
TEORA is another one...
A Romanian publishing house that might me interested in books about healers is ”Editura Trei”
There are many publishers in Romania interested in this kind of books. You cand try at Dao Psi for example.
I don't understand why would you try to publish an english translation of a bulgarian book in Romania. It is better to translate it into Romanian.
Humanitas is called the publiser and here are some contacts numbers and names:
The adress:
Piata Presei Libere 1
013701 Bucuresti, O.P. 33
Secretariat de directie

Tel: (021) 408 83 50
Fax: (021) 408 83 51

Secretariat de redactie
Tel: (021) 408 83 56
Fax: (021) 408 83 51

Comenzi prin posta si online
Tel: (021) 311 23 30

Tel: (021) 408 83 50
Fax: (021) 408 83 51

Director de productie
Tel/fax: (021) 408 83 55

Tel: (021) 408 83 59

Coordonator distributie carte
Tel: (021) 408 83 76
Fax: (021) 408 83 70

Director IT
Tel: (021) 408 83 61
Fax: (021) 408 83 51

Hello Veselina,

One of the best publisher in Romania is Polirom (details: ; phone : 0040213138978 ; e-mail: ; address - Bucuresti: B-dul Bratianu nr. 6 ,et.7, P.O. BOX 1-728, 70700) ; Teora (contact details: adress: Calea Mosilor nr. 211, sector 2, Bucuresti; phone no.: 0040216193004, email: ; ). Another one is in my city , IASI : SEDCOM LIBRIS (contact details: , e-mail: , phone no.: 0040232242877;0040742769772; Address: Sos. Moara de Foc nr.4, cod 700527, Iasi).
I hope these details will help you. For further information please let me know.Have a good day.
Hi, i saw that some friend from romania just answered at your request, y must agree with one of them and give you the same advice, to think of traslating the book directy in romanian language since you want to publisher in Romania and the audiance at who you want to give that book is romanian s people.wherever y know a good agency in publishing how deals with english traslaiting books and y recomanded you, the name s is PANDORA, go to google and you find more....y wish you all the best..see by
I see you have already got some answers.
I'll try my hand also.
"If you yourself are a publisher in an English speaking country" - Romania is not an English speaking country. Plus: the subject of the book which targets a certain niche of the readers of whom I think are not readers of English publications.
As for the Romanian publishing houses, I know they do lots of translations of books into Romanian and not in native/other foreign languages- but that's my personal experience.

Best of luck!
I can only agree with what my previous posters have said,there are very little people reading the books in english. You can find this in Bucharest or in the major cities of romania. Why not translate it into Romanian?If you are interested, maybe we could discuss translating your book from english to romanian!What do you say?
Hello!. My suggestion is to try Polirom, a good publishing house. I see this has already been mentioned to you together with other details, so you may get in touch with them and have your book published. Good luck!
If you wanna publish a book in Romania the best editor is Humanitas.If you want me to help you to translate the book I can do that too.
Hi there! I must agree with the others on the publishing companyes but also with the advice on publishing the book in english here in Romania. But anyway. My wife to be is bulgarian and we live together in Bucuresti if u think we can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me.
Here is my e-mail as well
Good luck
I agree with others, Humanitas and Polirom is the most known in our country.
If the book will be in english, I think the best idea would be to try at the British Council, in Bucharest. It is in the center of Bucharest and their site is
I think Theora or Macmillan English are the publishers you need. You can get informations about these publishers on the internet, too. Good luck.
Try to email Simona, a nice lady who is well connected with different organizations dealing with holistic medicine

address is
Sorry, can't tell you where you may try for soving your problem...
Както е щастлива, както може да ви помогна, защото аз посети сайта на Нели Димитрова. Мисля, че е велика жена, така че беше като варилница помогне да се преведе тази книга и да публикува в Румъния.Terog се свържете с мен по електронната поща за да обсъдят личните данни. petrica.iordache @

As happy as I help pot, because I visited the site of Neli Dimitrova. I think it is a great lady, so that was like a pot help to translate this book and to publish in Romania.Terog contact me by e-mail to discuss personal details. petrica.iordache @
READER`S DIGEST is the best publisher in Romania.
Everyone has a different idea, so there are many choices for you.
Editura Trei is a dedicated publisher for such types of literature. Also Editura Adevar Divin, who also published N.S. Lazarev and other authors on similar topics.

Good luck!

But you are writing a book related to Bulgaria. Why are you not publishing this book in Bulgaria ? If you will translate this book to romanian language then it will be a good idea to publish it in Romania.
you should try "paralela 45"
Dear Vaselina,
Contact Gabriela Maaz from Humanitas Romania, the biggest pusblishing house from here. Her email is:
I would recommend EDITURA TREI or EDITURA HUMANITAS But the book market in Romania is in its own crisis, so if you wish to have it sold on the Romanian market you should make a careful plan before you invest your money. Translated in Romanian, I think it would sell better, there are many Romanians who are interested in special people like Neli Dimitrova. Should you consider a translation from English to Romanian, please feel free to contact me for a detailed discussion. Good luck!

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