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I will be gratefull if you help me with contact of a publisher. I will be translating a book from Bulgarian to english.The book would be related to the Bulgarian healer Neli Dimitrova for more information : She has written a book with the healed cases and people.The book has healing pictures which she has drawn / u can see the pics online at her website/ and the healed cases are also presented. . If you yourself are a publisher it would be much appreciated to contact me so as to give you more details of the book and its content or either know someone who publishes that might be interested. Veselina Spasova Thank you


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


I'm well aware that those books are not really published and/or wanted by general audience. But i can help you out with some contacts of publish houses here in B&H, just gimme the ring on my e-mail ()....

god bless you and take care---
Asked me anything else, but why publisher :)
I'm ready to help you but don't know how. I do not know any publisher, yet! Thanks for asking anyway!
I don t know any respectable publishing house in Bihać, but people from Sarajevo could ask their local publishers.
Although, book publishing in Bosnia generally, is poor.
Dear Veselina
Sorry but i can not help regarding this matter!

best rgds
Dear Veselina
Sorry but i can not help regarding this matter!
Try this publisher +387 33 716 451 +387 33 712 010.

good luck
hey, sorry I cannot help you regarding this matter. But you can call me when you come to Gradiska and I could meet some people who may help you. ok?
Well right now I don`t know anybody..but I`ll ask somebody for more information..So please be patient and I`ll let you know when I find out.
Thank you for understanding
Dear Veselina
Sorry but i can not help regarding this matter!

387 33 716 451
good luck

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