What are some methods for extending your stay on a tourist visa for longer than 6 months? (ie: how do I stay in brazil without leaving...

...for at least 1 full year?)


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Hi Alex
Regrettably there are only 3 ways I know of (unless you are under 30 or retired)- get married, have a baby or invest in US$50,000 ( I think) in a business. Extending a tourist visa for longer than 6 months is just not possible.


I am 24! What about getting a student visa by enrolling in a university portuguese course? What options do I have being under 30?
by 3 months. go to Paraguay or Argentina, stay 2 days and come back.
Hi, well actually there are two easy options. First go to the boarder of Paraguay or Uruguay, nor Argentina, and stay for one day, and come back. Besides the fact that you will have the chance to know better that places, you can shop the best wines, clothes and try the best food. Also, you could apply for a student visa getting a language school, that will help you out with all the paper work on changing your visa type. And that'd be nice as well, because you'll have to learn some portuguese to stay here longer than tourist time. Good vibes!
It is not possible to extend a tourist visa beyond 6months in eny calendar year. A student visa may be an option, but as with most visas you probably need to be out of Brazil when you apply. You cannot apply whilst already in the country. You can check all the information about visas on the Brazilian consulate or embassy website in your home country.

Going out of the country for a day is technically not allowed, but usually works. I heard of people that have been doing that for years. A prety expensive option if you have to do it every three months.

If you stay beyond your visa you will be there illegally. As bad as this sounds there are plenty of people there in this situation. When you do leave you pay a fine. It rises in price per day up to a maximum level of around R$800. You won't be deported, but will need to leave within 8days and or face deportation if you don't. Strangely, it is not necesary to pay the fine when you leave, only when you return again, which must be after a minimum 6months gap.
The people here are right when they say it is NOT legal getting out of the country, staying for at least two days and then returning to Brazil, but it works! We have many friends that do it quite often!

The nearest place where you can do it is going to the Falls and cross the argentinean borderline, then you will have lots of places to kill your time!!
Maybe the best border to cross in the border is in Chuy, the other side is Uruguay...beautiful place!
Not possible!!!
But just in case, have a look the web site of our "Policia Federal".
Dear Alex,
I do not know where you come from.
I will answer your question with another question: would it be possible in your country?
I do not think so...
I am from the US. Although I have no say in the foreign policy of my country. Besides, my country is full of Nazi-like border patrol. I apologize for something I have no control over. The reason I ask is because I want to stay in Brazil for as long as I can. And I WILL find a way to do it, just like if you want to stay in the US and enter legally, you can find a way to stay here....

Thanks for your extremely helpful answer.
Go to the nearest office of POLICIA FEDERAL and ask for an extension.
Student visa or leave for a few days and come back. Brazil is massive and it's perfectly justifiable that you would want to stay longer than 6 months touring around - if the federal police finds it odd that you'd still want to come back after 6 months in the country. Plain simple.
Just to avoid a lot of paper work as you will be in Santa Catarina, go to Iguazu Falls when you visa is about to expire, stay two days there, and then you come back, and try to give english lessons in informal basis. Brazilian People are very helpful and friendly, I am sure they will give you a hand there!!!

I am in Rio, let me know if you need anything, I will be pleased to help you, my email is
After all these wonderful answers, which decision will have you made?
hi Alex , again the best option is to travel to a different country and we have many countries close to Brazil that you can go , and going to a Portuguese course it works well , good look , If you need any help just contact me , have a good night , Diana Persi
Many foreigners cross the border and then they return after two or 3 days.
Honestly? There is none (but illegal aliens here are frequently blessed with amnesties)
Go to the Falls, have a lot of fun there and after two days come back to Brazil!
to save time, to to argentina, spend there two days and come back.
Could you solve this problem?
Not possible, legally, full of paper work, but they do give you another permit if you go out of the country for some days and they you come again.
We live in a country full of burocracia!
you can marry a brazilian woman

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