Can anybody tell me where can I find Historical sites in Argentina South America?

Can you tell me any good websites and to check out and places please?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


oldest cities in arg are jujuy, salta and tucuman, salta being the nicest. Buenos aires, cordoba and mendoza have also historical sites. everything in patagonia is too young...

diego allolio
The oldest city in Argentina is Santiago del Estero. It is known as "Mother of Cities" because of this. It doesn't have though many touristic places. It is a very small town, and the treasure of this area are the people themselves.
The historical places are located in Tucuman, Salta, Misiones and Cordoba.
Tucuman is the city where Independence was declare. In Salta you have wonderful landscapes, wines and traditional food. In Misiones, there are the Jusuit Ruins and the Iguazu Falls.
Thanks! I'm already going to Buenos Aires. I'm thinking of putting Salta and Cordoba based on your suggestion.

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Please take a look at

There you can find all information that you want to know
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Alejo Cortes Camia
If you are going to Buenos Aires and you are interested in Historical sites then you MUST COME to COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO (historical patrimony if humanity .UNESCO).it takes you an hour froma Buenos aires on a ferry and you are in Uruguay -Colonia del a small and beautifull city with portugues origins.if you are there may be you will also want to know Montevideo and the Old City.Please dont doubt in get in contact.I am a historic preservation student.Have fun!

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