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Best authentic local food is available at all 'hawker centres' or 'Food Courts' which can be found in all shopping malls. ENJOYY!!
I suggest you go to the Newton Food Centre!!
This web intro all the best local food in Singapore.

you can try other than newton hawker centre, there is adam road food ctr,changi village that has a large varities of local food at reasonable prices and good chilling out pubs that are not too noisy and exp.
I beg to differ with the above answers. If you are visiting for the first time, prepared to be shocked at the behaviour of stall owners at Newton.
The best bet will be to go to Lau Pa Sat, after 5:30-6 PM to really ENJOY the LOCAL food including Satay, Sting Ray BBQ fish, Hokkien Mee, Biryani, Chicken Rice, Wanton Mee alongwith a chilled TIGER Beer...Enjoy!!
if you are after the famous singapore dish chilli crab you might want to go to ang mo kio.they serve the best chilli crabs(i can send the pictures if you want)you should go geylang too,although that is a red light district,they serve fantastic food and the best durians in the season.for me,lau pa sat is just way to expensive,and the food standards have definitely dropped. BBQ chicken wings,big prawn noodles and all flavours popiah can be found at serangoon garden way food centre,another name for it is 'chomp chomp'(the taxi driver will understand)the places that i have recommended are great with a cheaper price
I think the best place to get local food is the Esplanade food court.They have satay, barbeque seafood, friend hokkein mee, roti prata etc etc.
I think the best place to get local food is the Esplanade food court.They have satay, barbeque seafood, friend hokkein mee, roti prata etc etc.
you can try places like Simpang Bedok for cheap and good prata. Changi Village has some good food too =)
Indian murtabak...head down to Victory restaurant at Arab street.That one has lots more meat portions compared to the restrnt next door...And its yummier...

You can try Sup Tulang,an Indian dish, appears all red. Its mainly bones(mutton) with the marrow in it. Serve with french loaf.High in cholesterol but i guess pple love it..a muz try when ure wear dark colored clothings as this may splash on ur clothes and the stains..will neva come off...get them at the hawker centre opposite Golden Mile shopping centre. Near Lavender mrt station.Many stalls ther selling same thing... When ure ther, try the kambing sup also. I personally like Sup Lidah. thats the tongue of the sheep. Chewy n just Yum! One more, Indian rojak..different frm the chinese rojak..all ingredients fried..served with a red peanut-based sweet sauce!

Simpang Bedok is good for cereal prawns from new hawa restrnt(it was even recommended in TV! its really gd!), Roti john...the satay..a must try is the stay babat! yummy!guess thats about it...the rest are just edible not that great...but no harm trying..

Our local foodcourts, anywher at the shopping malls, heartlands etc..serves just about everything..they r good..reasonably cheap and best of ALL..AIR-CONDITIONED!

Geylang area...lotsa shop houses and makan places. Katong laksa..that's one famous must try...

okies...happy chowing!!!
go to little india, get real singaporean food and buy those great ingredients you always wanted.
Pls. check:
You can try the Esplanade, Makan Sutra food court, Lau Pa Sat at Raffles Place or Tim Sum Wan Hao restuarant, one of the best Cantonese resturants and starting from 1 June, they have Tim Sunm buffett 1-for-1.
For Indian food, you can try the streets of Little India near Mustafa shopping centre, steamboat at Turf City, Chong Pang Steamboat and Esplanade for all other local food.

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