do shops accept dollars and at what rate?

What are the best bargains to buy in Romainia?thanks,Joe


City: Bucharest

Municipality: Bucuresti

Country: Romania


Hello Joe ! Romanian shops are not really into accepting dollars but you never know :) Its depends on the seller but you should not worry about that, you can easily find money exchanges houses where you can exchange dollars with the romanian money. My advice is still to do that thing in a bank because u may have surprises in a private money exchange house. As for the bargains it depends on what you are looking for. You will see anyway that here you may find some interesting and cheap things. i hope that my info was helpful and i wish all the best .

Only serious brands accept dollars, ant that money comes on a credit card, It is quite difficult to pay in cash with dollars.

My advice would be to change your dollars at a bank, you can search in ROMANIA on the internet using this website :

you have there DOLLAR;BUYING - SELLING

This is a good way to see the rates daily so that you can go straight to the bank and exchange money rapidly!

I higly recommend not to exchange at any other exchange point along the way! You could be tricked easilly!
Hi Joe ! I‘m afraid shops don‘t accept dollars or euros. But there are a lot of money exchange houses and banks (recommended) where you can buy Romanian lei.
You can buy a lot of beautiful handmade traditional items (there are special fairs with this kind of things) . And also antiques fairs where, with a little luck and negotiation talent you could buy some bargains. I hope information have helped you. For more details don‘t hesitate to ask.Good luck !
Hello Joe!
You cannot pay using Dollars. Only Lei, but my friends here already answered you. What can I tell you is that it is not necesarily to go to bank, you can go to Exchange Points also. And if you are going to book you accomodation at a hotel you can exchange money at front office if they have an exchange point.
You said bargains, what do you mean? Do you look for antiques? Bare in mind that Romania is not India nor Thailand. The prices here are pretty much the same as in other countries from Europe.
NO Joe, you need to exchange them into an exchange money shop and only after that to buy from shops.The exchange rate is about 3 Ron for $1, it depends where you exchange.
As about bargains depends on what are you looking for and where you look for.Maybe the traditional romanian art could be a bargain for you as it is very beautiful in ceramics, traditional cloths etc.
Nope, unfortunately they don't. It is better to use exchange offices in banks and NOT at the airports ;).
watch the currency exchange fee to be zero

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