I need cheap accommodation in Amsterdam, like backpackers lodge or b&B, what's the cheapest I can get over there? Any other details...

...about food would be also welcome! Thnx!


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


The absolute cheapest accommodation one can come by, is without any reasonable doubt FREE accommodation with a local host of a Hospex Community []. Getting involved with services like these does require a degree of reciprocity and a sociable attitude, as you will be staying in someone's home.

There's a wide variety of services, all with a certain difference in emphasis and some with their own little niche, such as or cyclists (Warm Showers: ). CouchSurfing [] nowadays is the biggest and most advanced network for Hospitality Exchange. Tripping [] is the newest, and BeWelcome [] is small but has the most die-hard core of active hosts who were formerly members of Hospitality Club and CouchSurfing.

If you decide to sign up to any of those mentioned in the Wiki, then make sure to get yourself acquainted on the social codes of the service you entered, prior to sending out requests. With 13,8 million tourists visiting Am*dam last year, you can imagine the pressure on local hosts to be significant. For instance for CouchSurfing, read some useful practical info that will help you obtain a couch in this popular city over here: .

Some Hospex Communities also have a lively forum and a active local community of people regularly meeting eachother. That used to be the case for archaic Hospitality Club [], and nowadays that certainly goes for CouchSurfing. People can help you with any inquiry imaginable, on CS's thousands of so-called Groups. In the following posts, for instance, members refer to many affordable ho(s)tels that are worth checking out:
- and
- .

If you'd rather stay at a ho(s)tel as opposed to over at a host anyway, you can also try , and . These three all have user reviews. Booking through these intermediaries often is cheaper than through the hostel directly. Do always compare the direct rates just in case. Does not offer reviews, but sometimes has better rates. The excellent reviews on independent travelers community might help you make a decision for both hostels and hotels.

The hostel [Utrechtsedwarstraat 79 / +31(0)20-625 03 45] you might wanna try for being pretty cheap (€15).
I have also heard good things about the following establishments, of which despite their name 'hotel', both actually are hostels:
- Trianon Hotel [+31(0)20-673 20 73 / no website], located right behind the Concertgebouw (which is at centrally located Museumplein, an upscale neighbourhood). They offer regular hotel rooms with four bunk beds and your own bathroom for only €10 (p.p. I presume). People who stayed there say it is pretty clean and quiet.
- Hotel Orfeo [Leidsekruistraat 12-14, , +31(0)20-623 13 47]. Prices starting at €11 for a 6-bed dorm, obviously depending on the weekday, the season, and whether a certain datespan might be in high demand. I hear the staff is genuinely nice, listens well and is easy to talk to; that breakfast is simple but included, and better than in some other hostels. Linen also included. Downstairs kitchen free of use. Coffee and tea freely at your disposal. Although Am*dam demands spatial economy, people that stayed there mention the Orfeo to be surprisingly comfy and clean in that respect compared to others.

Now the weather is improving, staying over at campsites would be an option also. The following post that I wrote on CouchSurfing a while ago mentions the best ones around town:

I hope this answers your question.
u can go to The Fying Pig Hostel
is centric
very close to Damrak Square
and to all souvenir stores,etc
and u can smoke inside too
but u must share room with more people
or either u can try to find a host in
The Hans-Brinker Budget Hotel and Hostel is your best value for money. It's safe and on a quiet street in a good neighbourhood.

For cheap eats, I'd head for the Zeedijk in china town, particularly eat mode and Bird Snackbar. Here you can fill up for around 10 Euro. Alternatively there are a few branches of Burgermeester around town, which serve tasty home made burgers of all varieties, for a good price.

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