Travelling by ferry from Italy to Athens and then to Instanbul?

I want to travel to these places - Italy, Greece, and Turkey. I don't want to take an airplane and would prefer to take a ferry boat. Are there ferries that traverse between these countries? I would really appreciate your suggestions.


Country: Turkey


From italy BRINDISI there is a Ferry Boat To PATMOS-Greece.
and from Pireus - Athens/Greece you can take a lot of ferry boats to the grec islands like mykanos-samos-rhodos-santorini and from all these islands there are boats which are operating to turkey.(kusadasi-izmir-çeşme-marmaris)

But if you prefere a direct one From italy ANCONA there is a direct Ferry Boat To ÇEŞME-Turkey

There are ferry connections between Italy - Turkey, Turkey - Greece and Italy - Greece so you can easily make this trip without having to fly in between. You can find all the information that you need on this website

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easier way is cruiseships . i m working cruise ship and my ship( solstice) is exactly going to italy,greece , turkey.
the new ship solstice has that destination. main port is Rome. 4 port ( athens, mykinos, rhodos , santorini ) in greece, 2 port in Turkey( istanbul, kusadasi ) . you can find the details on web page. i wish u like big cruise ships. it s realy very big :)
best traveler .

Next to Berrindi you can also ship in at venedig harbour i took this ferry towards athene 2 times ,then from athene you can go to several destanations but as a holliday trip i would do some island hoppping and find my way over the greece island then enter turkey with a small ferry .

on this way you see more and will like the trip.
ps during the way from venedig to athene you can get a bunk room share it with some others or you can sleep on the floor in a special large room . depending on youre budget you can schoose also food , in general it is very expansive so take drinks etc with you for the night,.

Have fun
Tom Holleman

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