Hello, I wanted to know about some of the yoga centers in Dhaka or more specifically in Mirpur. Info like cost, time and location.


City: Mirpur

Division: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh


Plot # 10, Main Road # 1, Section # 6, Block # A, Mirpur (Near Mirpur Cricet Stadium)

you may visit them and know the timings and other queries.
Dazzle Yoga and Aerobics Centre
House No. 14/B, Road No. 95, Gulshan-1, Phone: 018-217763, 8826366
This is for women only, but they are going to start a children’s yoga class as well. (This is presumably so that mothers can tow kids away from the television on Friday and Saturday mornings and make them do something beneficial for health before they grow up and lose their figures, not to mention become overly influenced by TV violence). Aerobics is great, but it does get rather monotonous after a few classes and I have known people to start quite enthusiastically and then drop out due to boredom. The admission fee for yoga classes is Tk 300 with a monthly fee of Tk 1500. S. N. Dutta (Swapan), the chief yoga instructor, happens to be a National award winner. The place is open from 10:00 AM till 9:30 PM.

Ratan’s Health Club
45, Navana Tower, 6th Floor, Gulshan-1, Phone: 8828854, 8813955, 0171823382

Heinrich Heine Institute
House No. 20, Road No. 2, Dhanmondi, Phone: 9677893, 8922202
The Heinrich Heine Institute is starting separate classes for men and women on Fridays 5:00 to 6:00 PM and on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. The men’s class is being taught by Shah Mahbub Pasha and the women’s ones by the warm and lovely Andreas Pasha. (Yes! A female instructor! Finally! There are quite a few at Dazzle, but the main yogi is a man.) They are teaching hatha yoga, which, for ignoramuses, I will baldly translate as ‘sun-moon yoga’, which really is the literal translation of ‘ha’ and ‘tha.’ It actually means the union of opposing forces, of balancing ying and yang, which is why it is also known as ‘forceful yoga.’ It utilizes the most physical exercises of all yoga types and it is also the branch of yoga that is best known in the West. In the Indian tradition, it is one of the four main traditions of tantra yoga (and I sincerely hope no one will think of Sting and his wife at this point). This is probably best for anyone who really wants to lose weight in a natural and safe manner; more interesting than aerobics and yet quite as energetic, perhaps more so. Also the instructors really know what they’re doing and there is no reason to be intimidated – everyone starts from the simple basics and moves on at their own pace. The monthly fee is the same as the other two places mentioned, Tk 1500.

New Power House GYM (Ladies &Gents)
Plot # 10, Main Road # 1, Section # 6, Block # A, Mirpur (Near Mirpur Cricet Stadium) City Dhaka - 1216, Bangladesh
Telephone +880-2-8035041, 01911-521048
Contact Person Md. Fazle Khoda (Biddutt)
Free hand instrumental & yoga exercise whice will help level of fitness, metabolism, we have experienced instructor (trained from UK), seperate section for ladies & gents.
Yoga Foundation

Director: Mr. Abdullah Zubair

Office: 10 AM – 8 PM

Section # 2, Block # E, Road # 6, House # 5/2
(North of UCEP, South of Mirpur Old Police Station)
Mirpur, Dhaka–1216

Phone: +8802-8061075 +8802-8061075
Mobile: +880 1717144724, +880 1190482714

Cost Will be 1500-2500 per course
Sorry for the late answer.
I am not sure about Mirpur Sec 6, but I know some good places in Gulshan (accessible through Kochukhet and Cantonment). There is one in Road 68 run by an Indian Yoga expert - he is known to be the best one around. Besides this there is one behind Wonderland - this one is called Dazzle. They have recently moved from Road 95 to the road east of Wonderland.
Rattans Health center is also good and the charges are the same as dazzle. They both charge Tk 1500 for one month

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