Looking for a car from Lusor to Aswan (one way) for one, leisurely trip, stopping at temples and anyhing else of interest


City: Luxor

Governorate: Qina

Country: Egypt




The Transfer Car in Privet from Luxor to Aswan will coast you 80 US$ (In Privet air condition Car).


On your way from Luxor to Aswan there is 3 stops to do 1- Esna which has a small temple, the entrance for the temple will coast you only 6 US$ / 2- Edfu Temple will coast you the entrance only 9 US $ / 3- Kom Ombo Temple will coast you the entrance 6 US.

Guide for the visits:

If you need a guide to explain the temples on the way from Luxor to Aswan , i mean the 3 stops , this will coast you 40 US$. ( A professional perfect authorized English speaking Tourist Guide)

Also you need to add something like 15 to 20 US$ for the tipping to the driver and the guide.

I can arrange it easly if you are interested , also if you need any kind of visits or hotel reservation or what else in all Egypt just let me know.

Thanks and have luck

it will coast u 79$
i guess Jack give you the right answer ,,,,it good price.....if you need help please let me know.
Thanks everyone for your advice. I know who to deal with now, and how much to budget for. You've been very helpful
u 'll find alot of cars whitch accept ur offer
you can call the number in my profile and i will till you
i guess i was going to say the same thing that jack said :)
The details that Jack included in his answer are ok,but there is more and there is several degrees and categories of sevice profided,i can provide what ever u need professionaly.
The basic price can start with 80 u s $ like he said but can also go up to 120 u s $ depending on the kind of service provided,u can pay 50 $ for a trip and at the end of the day u r not happy and feel u just lost ur money,and u can pay 100 $ for a trip and enjoy a great time and at the end of the day smile and say it i am glad i did that.
Please read my profile and u will see i know what i am talking about,i have been a pro Tour Guide for 13 years .
hi Lesley, if you need a car between Cairo and Alexandria, i do have it, Alexandria is a nice place where you can enjoy the Mediterranean, not very expensive and people are much nicer than the people in the rest of Egypt, Alexandria is the best city in egypt by all means, hope to be able to help you here, i can pick you up in Cairo and bring you to Alexandria where you can stay 2 nights and visit the landmarks and then take you back, let me know if interested, my email is
Hello every body,
I think Jack gave the best answer and he explained why he gave that price. i agree with him 100%

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