We're a family of 4 looking for a nice hotel in a good location in mid July. We have a car, but don't want to use it in the city. ...

...Where do you suggest? We heard about the Nash Carlton and Angleterre. What do you suggest?


City: Lausanne

Canton: Vaud

Country: Switzerland


Hi Marjorie You haven't been forgotten but I just started at Localyte and saw your question. I'm sorry you didn't get a speedy reply. You probably already know by now that Hotel Angleterre (so charming) is on the lake at an excellent location. Nash Carlton is convenient if you want to walk around the center uphill. I hope that you had a good experience. For your next trip, I'll be here and you can visit my Lausanne pages at .
Thank you for your response. We did have a great time in Switzerland.... friendly people and beautiful scenery.... fabulous!
Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm so happy for you and your family, Marjorie. All the best, Sonja

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