I'm planning to visit Holland,want to know about Dutch food.

I'm quite wary when it comes to eating in a different country.What kind of food do we get in Holland. What can we expect in our daily breakfast? What meats are used,ingredients etc. used in Dutch cuisine,pub menu and anything else you can help me with?


Country: Netherlands


you can get many different kinds of cuisines here.

in general, people eat yoghurt with muesli or bread for breakfast. lunch is a sandwich (usually cold) and dinner in the winter is potatoes mashed with vegetables and some meat (smoked sausage or stews etc.), covered with gravy.

Of course many people also eat pasta, rice, etc. Meat used is the usual... beef, pork, chicken..if you see the word Wild, it means it's wildboar or deer or something.

The Dutch do not generally use a lot of spices.
Hi nameless user,
I wish you would've been a tiny bit more specific abt what you fear to encounter. It sounds like you've had some bad experiences in the past, and are now indeed wary of food in any place you pay a visit to.

Without meaning to sound offended, this _is_ a first world country (having a high life standard), meaning you can get almost anything you like as long as you pay for it.
Staying in for instance a hotel, often means having a wide variety of choice between continental/English/American types of breakfasts. As for meat: anything you can think of is widely available here in supermarkets as well as restaurants. Flavors in food are generally comparable to what you would expect from any other 'Western' country, of course with the distinction that every country of even province has its own specialties. The Dutch do not use a lot of spices. When they do, its often cinnamon.

When it comes to goodies that are typical for The Netherlands, you might wanna for instance read these pages:

(wellkonown site)

(online grocery store)

(an official site)
No worries, you'll be fine. Enjoy your discovery.

Come over to the South (Breda) and you can join my Dutch Cooking class. I'll take you to the market to buy fresh products and we prepare them together and have a nice meal. Eg. 'stamppot' is mashed patatoes with vegetables with meatballs. Yummie! price for the class depends on the number of participants
Febo is a Dutch fastfood restaurant and the place to be when on the go. Also if you are in Amsterdam I can recommend you the Keuken 1870 located on the Spuistraat. Also when you go do some shopping, look out for weird items that have strange names. Most probably they are also Dutch foods.
No need to be afraid. You can find almost every nationality of food in The Netherlands, particularly the big cities. YM Ching gives a good summary of true dutch food, but you'll struggle to find many restaurants serving this. Breakfast is very much continental style, but if you prefer the British fry up, it's available in many cafes and hotels.

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