Active, Educated Senior Couple in Panama Dec. 2nd for 2 Weeks.

Hello. We want to spend about 4 days in Panama City seeing Canal and historical things. No shopping. We are thinking of booking with Coral Lodge but have some concerns. We want an eco-tourism experience about 4 star level on the beach. Can you help us with some information? I am Span. speaking.


City: Panama

Province: Panama

Country: Panama


4 star level I would suggest in the pearl islands. San Blas is beautiful, but service and "things to do" are limited.
Hello, 4 days in Panama City is good to see the Canal, historic sites such as Panama Viejo and Casco Historico, for the best eco-tourism area is in the Kuna Yala (San Blas Archipelago), I have contact with San Blas group of native people, this is the information: website, Mr. Eulogio Perez, Mobile number 00507 651 74 9650, email, these people will take you from Panama City to San Blas in a 4x4 Luxury on a journey of two hours very comfortable and relatively economical, you have many options, pricing and options for accommodation in the islands of the archipelago, is really a beautiful place, I hope this information can help you, my number phone number is 0050766757962, so any extra help,
I was cheking the comments about the hotel and they are very good , but just in case you can check those direction that I am sending now ,, hope it can help

507-314-1586 / 708-810-9350
Adventures in Panamá 507-236-8146 / 807-726-6222
Ancón Expeditions 507-269-9415
Aventuras 2000 507-227-2000
Advantage Panama Tours email
Fascinate Adventures 507-215-9659/264-4048
Panama Jones Inc. 507-265-4551/1-888-726-2621
Burbayar Jungle Trips 507-264-1679/654-0952
Panama Private Tours email
• Playa Tortuga Hotel Bocas Del Toro
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Hi There:

In the case of the activities in Panama city I can help you with that. However you request of 4 star eco beach resort and/or hotels is very difficult. Bocas del Toro on the caribbean side are oriented as a leasure places with access to several areas such as Bluff Beach, red frog beach, bird Island (nesting area for tropic birds and others). On San Blas, very rustic lodging, but with access to snorkeling and rainforest.

On the Pacific side most hotels are oriented has beach pleasure hotels. Pear Island hotels (Contadora and others) can offer you activities in marine wildlife (whales fron june - nov, dolphins, diving, etc). Nice accomodation on Hacienda del Mar but limited access to other areas.

I can provide you with transportation and guiding in Panama City and Eastern and Western areas (507) 6665-9422.

Also just to take it in consideration, beach areas on the pacific side are quite distant from national parks and eco areas. From Panama City there are more accesible.
As you might have noticed with previuos answers, there ain`t no perfect fit for your requirements, although, in my opinion the closest thing to it are definitely Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro Province (Atlantic near Costa Rica) website or Coiba Island in the Pacific side of Veraguas Province website., maybe just maybe you could also try the Tropical Star Lodge at Bahia Piñas too website.

Good luck!

Carlos Solis
Certenly I can help you with your request, there is a option to stay in the city for 1 day and then go to the beach resort all inclusive. You can look here website . The transportation service I would be glad to offer it, I can pick you up at the airport at your arrival and do the tours. Let me know what do you think about the beach hotel in order to look for one in the city. From the beach hotel there is a nice place called Anton Valley, it is beautiful place with a very nice weather and ecological activities as zip line, trails and natural whirpool. Please let me know if you will need any additional info, I am available to help.

We have the top ranked city tour and can sort you out on a canal transit and take you into the jungle for a good walk/hike and a visit to an indian village.. plus we use a VERY good place out in the Comarca Kuna Yala at 1/2 the price of the Coral Lodge!
Coral Lodge is relatively costly, however everything I know about it makes sound like one of the better beach eco-lodges in Panama. There are also other plush ecohotels in the rainforest (Gamboa Rainforest Resort) or in the mountains (Los Quetzales Eco lodge).

While in the city, I would recommend visiting casco viejo during a day and an evening since it is like 2 different places.

The daytime is great for going into the historical churches, seeing the opera house, and then eating some gourmet ice cream to cool down.

In the evening the bars and restaurants are fabulous, and I would truly recommend 'Scenas and Platea. The first floor is a jazz bar with a well stocked bar, while upstairs there is a truly 5 star restaurant with relatively good prices for the excellent service.

You can enjoy the canal and afterwards visit the Causeway, where you get fantastic views of the cityscape as well as of the bay, while eating at any of the great restaurants.
I will suggest CalaMia Lodge and Los Buzos. They may not be 4 stars resort but are nested in secluded beach areas.
In Bocas del Toro I will suggest Tranquilo Bay Resort and Playa Mango. However Bocas in general, is touristy to some people.
Hacienda del Mar in Isla San Jose, The Pearl Island Archipelago, is majestic.
I have not been but hear very good comments on Islas Secas Resort.
Regarding the 4 days in Panama City I will suggest to do 1 full day in the Canal theme: Interoceanic Canal Museum, Administration Building and the Visitor Center at the Panama Canal.
The other day could be to visit Panama La Vieja and other atractions of the city, like Amador Coastway, Cerro Ancon, Bridge of the Americas and Noriega´s house.
Another day could be spent completly in Casco Antiguo. There are museums, restaurants, churches, art galleries and great photo opps all over the place.
The 4 day a visit to a Embera Comunitiy could give you a great begining to the eco experience coming soon.
Hi ! Thank you for your interest in Panama ! I can definitely recommend a City Tour that will include the Canal, Old Quarters and Historic Panama. For the Eco Tourism experience, Coral Lodge is nice and upscale. However you have to set your mind that you will need a boat to get you everywhere else. Playa Tortuga Hotel is nice in Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon, you can get taxi rides very cheap and if you want to visit additional islands a there are tons of tour boat rides available. You can shop for best deals.
Meals are better at downtown Bocas, meals at the restaurant are very limited.


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