Where will be a good place to watch World Cup games in Rio in June and July? I am English but when England lose (which they will) my...

...heart is with Brasil!!!


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


I do have my heart in England because I have so many friends in your great country!!!

You should watch the games outside, I would recommend you to see the games in a very narrow and old little square in Catete, in the end of Pedro Americo Street, there is a bar that provides a big screen and we can have beer and snacks!! LOTS OF FUN!!!!

I also have more secrets, write to me and I will be very happy to talk to you,
Besides Rio is the capital of our football, the temple of the temple are here. maracanã Stadium, the majority of the main football teams are from Rio, and the real Carnaval of all brazilian supporters are here!
Maybe a cool suggestions for you can go to many places to watch the games, you can go to FEIRA DO NORDESTE, there you will be watching the games with more than a thousand people, it is like being in South Africa! :)
I think you now know many different places to see the games each day!!! :)
Rafa is right about watching the games in the streets, you should pick up one different place in each game Brazil plays. That place in Catete will be awesome!

There will be some parties in Estacio close to the city centre!
Well, at least we had fun watching the games and seeing all the people celebrating!
do not go to Rio Ed. come to Fortaleza - Ceará . It is cheaper . We have 600 km of very beautiful beaches here .
Ed, during the World Cup event you will have a lot of places to watch the games, such as indoor sites, bars, cafés, hotels and not to mention the sites - Maracanã as the bigger one. Rio will be a nice spot to be during the WSC. Remember, security is always an issue in a big and crowded city... Have fun. Roberto
Hi Ed!
I have to be partial and say: Rio de Janeiro.
Our town STOPS when Brazil is playing, schools close, everybody is released early from work.
Every game is like a holiday, followed by endeless discussions about the match, always with beer as sidekick!!
Thanks for all the replies, I will be in Rio at the time of the World Cup so most definitely watching all the games there, hopefully outside, looking forward to the biggest party ever when Brasil lift the world cup?? fingers crossed :)
My friend, when the World Cup comes, you will see our people in extasis!!!
Hi dear,

Well, there will be many options on Hotels to satay at. You can stay around the area of Coapacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and from there go to the stadium by subway or if you want to be close to the main stadium, Maracana, you can rent a flat in Tijuca or nearby and you might even walk to the stadium. When you decide for sure that you will be coming to Rio, please let me know as I can put together a good deal for you. Make sure you plan it beforehand!!

Waiting to hear from you,

Hi, Ed;
Lord Jim's in Rua Redfern (Ipanema) has a somewhat typical pub atmosphere; and you'll get Brazilian AND British cheerers.
More info and/or counsel? Look me up at (there's are e-mail and Skype buttons inside).
I am British (a Scot) myself, and a credentialed professional Rio-expert since 1986.
I'll be cheering for Brazil exclusively (even IF Scotland were in the cup!).
Huge hugs;
Jimmy, I hate to say that but your info is downdated. The Lord Jim Pub building became a brand new condo.
Ooops! Low season syndrome

Let me introduce myself. I'm a carioca woman, well, a carioca gide tour.
In Brazil soccer is a religion, with dozen of gods. Specially on the Brazil's games, everything stops: schools, shops, oficial departaments, etc.
Be sure that everywhere you go, you will see people on the corners , standing in front of a TV, specially inside bars which has a TV ( we call them "butequim", a very small and popular bar .
As a carioca, I like very much the bars at Copacabana ( where you can find tourists from all over the world, joined with citizens from the city) an one place which offers you good an big TVs in almost all the bars and restaurant: Leblon.
But, don't forget: arrive early, because this is one of the best program carioca likes to do: watch the games with friends at the bar, drinking some beers.

Enjoy your trip!
Hello there !!!!! I leave in Brasilia but I am going to Rio to watch the world cup too... i am staying in leblon.. i hope you can find a nice place... i dont live in Rio otherwise I could help you more !!! I hope Brasil can win!! See youuu :) And come to Brasilia you are going to be welcome here :D
Hey Ed,

If you are looking for english people to support England, you should look for one of these Pubs: "Shennanigans" or "The Irish Pub", both in Ipanema around the General Osorio Square. In Copacabana you can look for a Pub on Paula Freitas street.

If you are look for brazillians, you won't have any trouble finding it by yourself!


I know of two great places with diferent atmospheres. I am not sure what kind of enviroment you are looking for to watch the games.

I watched the american super bowl at the JW Marriot in Copacabana. The people who watch there are more formal to business types. I enjoyed the company and was invited by some American friends so I did not feel so out of place.

If you want more of a laid back vibe, I know Shennaigans in Ipanema will be showing the games as well. Plus there are many people who speak English.

I live in the favela, so we will be having our own areas where the games will be shown. Every World Cup, we paint the streets in the brasil flag colors and we have a big party.
Hi Ed, the really good places to watch the games are a variety of brazilian bars ou bups at copacabana or botafogo in every corner of Rio.. Specially on the street, will have a lot of people, big screen, beer, samba, fun and barbecue.. I use to do that with my friends and I do have a lot of fun with them. The place's names are "Cobal do Humaitá"(botafogo) and "Pierrot bar" (copacabana). Hope you enjoy it.

Laura is more than right to recommend it!
Ed, you will have no problem at all watching World Cup games in Rio. There are dozens of sports bars all over, and you can choose from just having some beers and finger food to go along or go to a all you can eat fixed price BBQ restaurant where they also provide huge screens....Just hope that England and Brazil matches are not the same day and time, for of course all TV's will be on Brazil's match....You will love being part of the crowd! Look me up when you are here and I will be happy to help you around! All the best!
Hi Ed. You have received many helpful answers but they did not mention the main attraction that will take place in Rio during the FIFA World Cup.

The International FIFA Fan Fest Rio will be located at Copacabana Beach, the center of the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, linking the neighborhoods of Lagoa, Ipanema, Botafogo and Leme. Copacabana has an area of 7,84 km2 with the beach occupying 4.15km of the city’s coast. With 3 subway stations and 53 bus lines there is plenty of options for fans to access and depart the venue.

Copacabana has been the site to many large-scale events, New Years Eve in Copacabana Beach is one of the biggest in the world, attracting around two million people each year. Some of the notable mega-shows that have taken place in Copacabana include - the benefit show Live Earth - for 400,000 attendees also transmitted worldwide; the Rolling Stones concert in 2006 - for 1.5 million fans; and, the Rod Stewart show on New Year’s Eve - with an audience of 3.5 million people.

The arena layout takes its inspiration from Football Stadium architecture with a giant LED screen, 50m2 in size, a stage and a hospitality area with bars, restaurants and a FIFA merchandising store displayed in an area of 26,000m2. The audience will be able to watch the matches and concerts from bleachers (1.700m2 / 4,000 people), on an astro-turf surface (4.000m2 / 6,000 people), and in the area around the site (20,000m2 /over 10,000 people).

The IFFF Rio will be free of charge, therefore open to all audiences. Some 20,000 people daily are expected to attend the venue from all ages and different social groups along the 31 consecutive days. Each day there will be different sport and cultural activities welcoming all to cheer for the national team. The production team stands 100 per cent behind the promise to guarantee comfort and security to the public, sponsors/partners, FIFA and guests who will be sharing with us the great experience of the FIFA World Cup 2010.

The event will be open to the public from 11 June to 11 July 2010. But on the night of 10 June a party for guests featuring a concert of a world-renowned Brazilian group will take place.

I presume it will help you. On the other hand, to mingle with local people in bars around the city will provide you a fascinating experience.

Luiz Augusto
wow luiz!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Ed this is also something that you should never miss, at least one game, mate!!! :)
Great Information Luiz, this is great even for us!!! Great hint!!!
After so many places suggested, I think you will have a different plaxce to see each game!
A fifa fest foi um sucesso, pena que era tudo caro por lá!
hi Ed , how are you doing? welcome to Rio , as Luiz Augusto told you in Rio de Janeiro from 11th June to 11th July the Fifa fun fest will show 64 games on a 3D screen with 120 square meters in Copacabana beach and the capacity will be for 2,000 people but organizers expect 20,000 people passing through the Event , the entries are free and will be controlled by the use of bracelets. . The stage will be located between the Princess Elizabeth Avenue and Duvivier street , If you go there you´ll see lots of brazilians having fun ! I hope I've helped you, any more questions please contact me , have a great weekend, Diana Persi
You mean PRINCESA ISABEL, we had lots of fun there!
brasil foi embora
Maybe in Santa Tereza would be nice to watch the games too
Que pena que nós perdemos!
Let'sbe prepared for the World Cuo here in Brazil
Well, Ed, brazil is gone.
Shameful that we lost so badly because of our coach dunga, hope we learn the lesson!

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