we would find information on bus tours of the black sea area


City: Istanbul

Province: Istanbul

Country: Turkey


Unfortunately there is not organized tours to Black Sea region except in Turkish language. But there are many bus companies serving regularly many destinations in the area. It would be 20 to the 22 hrs trip to the most remote cities of the region. Go to Esenler Bus Terminal to buy tickets.
There are bus tours to Blacksee starting from Istanbul( or Antalya). But most of the people joing to this travels are turkish people. (Families, couples, friends) This are tours without english translation. If you want I can give you some int. adresses you can check it out from there..The other tours to blacksee (for touristgroups) are planned tours starting from Home country.
actually most tours going to black sea region for native people but i think that there should be an agency at least which is working for foreign people...

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