I land in New Delhi on 13 Sept at 6PM (18:00) and depart at 6AM (06:00). What should I do for 12 hours? How long will it take to get...

...out of the airport? Ideally, I'd rather spend my money on a night time car tour of the city and a yummy dinner and then head back to the airport. Please give me suggestions!


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


contact Suez Akram the best localyte from India he will help you in this
Hi Mary,
i personally would not recommend a night time car tour of the city, especially if you're travelling alone, isn't really safe.
Its gonna take you around 1-2hr to get out of the airport, from there you can take a cab to any market such as Sarojini Nagar, or Lajpat Nagar or South Extension, for shoppin etc, all the best restaurants and pubs etc are also in the vicinity of these markets,
Delhi doesnt really have much of a night life however u can try Asoka Hotel F Bar, or kuki @ GK1, for a good drink..
ir my personal advise not to move arround in taxi in city like delhi its to risky u better go to market place get done some shopping have ur dinner in sone good eatery and come back to hotel and take good rest
Hi, greetings from India.
There are many very good restaurants in and around Delhi for every taste and budget.Please let me know the tastes and budget and I shall be able to suggest the best options. What I can suggest right now is to hire a car to take your around some parts of Central Delhi and then go on to a restaurant for dinner and then return to the airport or hotel near the airport to take your early morning flight. Once you have decided the budget and taste in food, do let me know and I can organise the whole trip for you.
Hi! As opposed to what has been said about the safety of travelling in Delhi at night,I would say it is fine.Just dial a cab from Meru 011 44224422 or Radio Taxi and ask him to show you around. Or you can book a taxi through a Travel Agency and your safety is assured.Delhi has a night life and you can make your visit different by seeing and experiencing the nights in Delhi.Do enjoy your time in Delhi...Cheers!!!
Welcome to India.

As such you're having 12 hrs. to spare at New Delhi which is enough time to see the city but you need to have someone trustworthy person who can arrange for your Night-tour of Delhi alongwith having the delightful Indian Dinner at a famous Restaurant of Delhi.

The best person would be our SUEZ AKRAM, New Delhi.
it takes max. 30 minutes to come out of airport. take a taxi from airport which is registered by airport authority u can hire the right inside the airport premises. U pay the money inside only not to the taxi driver. U will be given a slip on which everything will be mentioned so that if anything goes wrong police can trace you. Within mentioned time U can see LOTUS TEMPLE & QUTUB MINAR Area easily.
Dr.Saheb, otus Temple and Qutab Minar after 6 pm???? Are you aware of the timings of these monuments or any other for that matter??
Hi ! Mary ,
You are welcome to India , Delhi.
It takes only 30 minutes to come out of the airport . You hire a radio taxi and ask the cab driver to take you to Cannaught Place via Chanakya Puri, Teen Murti , President House , Raj Path & India Gate. Then You could go to South Ext. Market Via Akshardham Temple , witch is now a land mark of Delhi . You need not to get down there but only have its magistic view under lights, In south ext. market you could have dinner in any resturant or you could have dinner in Redisson Hotel whitch is 5 star and near to IGI Airport . You would be over by all this Delhi Tour by 11 p.m. Then you can go back to the airport and take rest in launge there as otherwise also one should be at airport 3 hrs before the departure of the flight. I wish you a memorable brief tour of Delhi.
Go to Select city walk (shopping mall) in Saket (south Delhi) where you will find all kind of food, entertainment & shopping till 11pm. There are decorative lights to create a festive mood. You can also find hotels to stay nearby. It takes about one hour to come out of airport if everything is ok. Regards Fanishwar Bhasker
It'll take you about an hour to get out of the airport ....if you hire the cab from the airport and DO NOT go by his suggestions but your own plans, you'll be ok.......a Thai meal at The Spice Route at Hotel Imperial on Janpath, Connaught Place could be a memorable could drive from airport - past Qutub Minar, down to Red Fort and Jama Masjid area, back to Connaught Place and then on to the airport.....another good place near the airport for a good meal is the Kabab Factory at Radisson Hotel.........have fun !
Dear Mary Mo,
Its good to read that you land in India but to land in India just for a transit is not a good idea and to spend 12 hours in sight seeing and dining is still a very bad idea....coz Delhi is not a safe place for women; more dangerous in nights for lonely women and in particularly foreigners.
Plus,Delhi has much more worthy to explore rather than go alone in a taxi for wasteful sight seeing.
I would suggest you explore the true spirit of India in these 12 hours which would make you visit India again....and next time to stay and not just a transit.
When you come out of the airport,you should take the local bus(you can get the help at the Airport Assistance for that).
I would strongly suggest to you to visit ISKCON Temple in East of Kailash,New Delhi.Its the real Cultural Embassy of India where you not only would meet the true spiritual giants of India but also get an experience of a lifetime.You can also stay at the ISKCON Guest House(the best ambience and facilities at economical costs) you can also have the most delicious Indian food which is the food offered to the deities at the Temple.
I am sure you'll love the experience which would present to you the glimpse of the true essence of India in 12 hours. The culture, the religion, the food and the music all at one place.
You can also visit the website of the temple to get a feel of things.

But still, if some localyte can escort you it would be best for you.

I wish you all the best.

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