itinerary Spain and Sicily

I am planning a 2 week holiday in September, but I would like advice about the order of my itinerary. Spanish cities I certainly want to visit: Barcelona, Madrid, Grenada and Ibiza... Also I would like to visit friends in Sicily. Any advice for inexpensive airfare? Thank you!


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


I think that two weeks is a short time for all the places you want to see, Barcelona and Madrid deserve 3 days each, Granada is on the south, Ibiza is an island, and then Sicily is a quite big island. So I think you are going spend all your hollidays on the airports or ferrys.
I already know 2 weeks is a short time, but that is common for U.S. holidays... besides nobody is subsidizing my costs. Thank you for advising that Barcelona and Madrid each deserve at least 3 days.

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