Hi there, where do netherlands citizens are Amsterdam or near the sea, look for a job online ? We want too settle over, but first we...

...need a job. Maybe you can tell us 1 or 2 major websites where every local is looking for a job. Thx a lot yet! Regards Andy


Country: Netherlands


what kind of job are you looking for? email me,
Hi there, thx for your reply.
I am a real Microsoft Office Specialist by certificate and 35 years old, and my wife is 25 and working in a really exclusive sex shop as a seller, the shop is excspecially for women, secundar for men.
You can try the uitzendburo, they are like employment agencies.
Hi you can look on Or look at the undutchables website. They are the best ones, depending on what job you are looking for.
First and foremost you can look at the official 'Labor Bureau'. They have a website too.

Major websites are the Monster Board at en the 'Nationale Vacaturebank'

Other possibilities are to look for the temporary job companies such as Randstad, Content and others.

All of these are in Dutch (since that's where you want to go ;-) ), but looking for programmer, Microsoft, IT specialist etc. should get you some hits easily.

Not sure about sex shops..... that's up to you
Thx a lot so far guys. Coming one step nearer too the netherlands, now we have too learn the language. After all info i read about workin and living is the language.
If your wife wants to work in a sex-shop again, there is a store in the Netherlands called Christine le Duc (with a black cat in it's logo). You can find one in any middle sized town. The shop is primarily for woman and very decent. They sell sextoys, condoms, videos, lingery etc.
For internationals, the best place to try is Undutchables in Amsterdam, or Adam's Multilingual recruitment, also in Amsterdam. They specialise in jobs for non-native dutch speakers. The largest recruitment site is .

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