Hi, are there any folk festivals on in Romania over the next 3 weeks? Thank you. Linden


Country: Romania


Hi! Yes, there are some folk concerts and festivals.
On :
27 may in Bucharest at Sala Palatului is Phoenix Concert;
29 may, Bucharest, Jeremy Jay Concert;
2 june, Bucharest, Stadionul Arcul de Triumf, Bob Dylan in Concert at 19.00h;
3 june, Bucharest, Clubul Taranului, Charity Concert " Mia's children" at 20.30h.
there are another 2 folk festivals but in 25-27 june, and 29 june Rod Stewart ( i said about his concert because i like his music a lot:P, hope not to disturb)... and this means in, over a month.
i know and other concerts but rock, alternative music, heavy, metal... if you want to know more just ask.

Hope to be satisfied with my answer.

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Lorena answered with very good informations, but there are some more concerts and festivals to add to the list :
- 20 may - concert Mircea Baniciu in Fire Club, Bucharest
- 21-23 may - Iarmaroc Fest - different kinds of music from rock to folk in Boranesti, near Urziceni (45 km from Bucharest) - there are some good artists participating : Emeric Imre, Maria Gheorghiu, Sorin Minghiat, Vasile Seicaru.
- 5 june - Gala Folk without age - summer theatre in Herastrau Park, Bucharest
- 12-15 june - Ipotesti, Botosani county - National festival of folk music for children and young people
- 15 - 27 june - Suceava - Folk Contest Festival

Enjoy your time in Romania and don't hesitate to ask us anything you need to know.
The Festival of Traditional Dance at Balca, Suceava (May 17-23)
Hi there,

Here's a link where you can find information about folk events happening in Timisoara:
Hope you'll find it useful, some parts of the context are in english and some parts in romanian.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

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Garana Jazz Festival 22-25 July 2010 and Sighisoara Medieval Festival on 23-25 July 2010. A very good choice is the second, search on youtube: “ Festivalul Sighişoara Medievală” and you will understand more. And Sighisoara is like:

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