What is the best way to avoid "Delhi belly" while traveling in India?


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


Contrary to popular belief, the Delhi belly isn't really caused by the quality of the food rather because of the different spices that we use in food here, So if you really want to be on the safer side, try and avoid the local spicy cuisine, McDonalds, KFC etc are everywhere, however if you feel adventurous you can try them at good hotels they're easy to spot, avoid eating from hawkers, nook and corners and always use bottled water
We took all precautions, yet all 11 on our recent tour became ill, but on different days and at different locations.
delly belly is basically due to fried and spicy street food, to avoid this, have a proper meal, drink lots of fluid, eat at the right time and right quantity.
Speaking from extensive experience. spices are not the cause of Delhi belly. You probably had eaten fruit without it being washed properly and peeled, had water and other drinks from open containers or some such thing. Avoid street hawkers for food and drinks and I am sure you will not have the problem.

Also, the change of food sometimes results in Delhi Belly. Every time I visit Europe, the first three odd days I have Delhi (ooops! Europe belly) but then it goes away as I get used to the change.
If you eat proper food at proper place then the question of Delhi-belly doesn't arise at all.

Its all about taking that extra care while eating outside food then there would be no problem as such. Water should be always bottled & sealed too before drinking as mostly water only spreads the maximum diseases in a human-body.
Avoid eating at unhygienic and roadside restaurants, plus go for less spicy food....the best bet for you would be , choice of continental food rather than Indian food.
hi, the best way is to do fasting....!!!!!! you can have a deli beli anywhere in the need not be by eating bad food....however you can take precautions by drinking only bottled water, avoid fruits and salads from the streets etc.
try to drink more liquids, when feeling uneasy with your belly stick to soups and breads for a couple of meals...

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